YES Workshop Program

All schools who have registered to attend YES can book their class in to participate in up to three workshops at the event. Please note that workshops  for Wednesday, 21 October are now at capacity.   Please register for Thursday, 22 October.” Registered schools will be sent booking information via email for workshops. Here is the full workshop program.

Organisation NameWorkshop TitleDescription
Australian MuseumTo be confirmedTo be confirmed
BirdLife Southern NSWA Nest Fest (Primary)
 Nest Predation (Secondary)
Primary - discover the intriguing world of bird nests - some are big, some tiny and some birds have no nests at all. Why?
Secondary - Investigate the strategies birds develop for successful breeding. How do we know what nest predators have been about?
Black-hole factory and tranSTURMWasserlinie / WaterlineThe environment is measured every day and this data can be used to create new sound, vision and performance. Presented by black-hole factory (Germany), staff of UTS, Sydney and tranSTURM - students will explore how to work with data in a new media art/design context.
Botanic Gardens and Centennial ParklandsNature connection through playPlay in nature can conenct to the curriculum, experts from Centennial Parklands will discuss and deliver practical advice
Brewongle EECKids Teaching Kids: Social Media and Active Citizenship for the Environment.Do you like Social media? Do you share stories and information on social media.? Learn how to take positive and effective action using social media to spread environmental messages.
Centre for Ultrahigh bandwidth Devices for Optical SystemsFaster Smarter GreenerDetails of workshop to be confirmed
Chifley College, Bidwill CampusPoultry and hydroponics for the home gardenThinking about incorporating chickens and/or hydroponics into your schools teaching programs. Get some useful tips and avoid some of the traps for new players.
City of Canada BayNature Immersion Walk by Rosebank CollegeRosebank College students lead students on a nature immersion walk.
Eco Group, Bede Polding CollegeUpcycling RubbishSee how a small group of motivated students started a movement that now includes well over a hundred people and has influence over the whole school and beyond. Participants include students, staff, members of the public, representatives of Council, unis, environmental groups and local businesses.
Eco-Schools AustraliaEco-School Action ProjectsThe objective is for attendees to take away ideas, resources and instructions that will help your Eco Team back at school. We'll also tell everyone about opportunities available via the Eco-Schools Australia program, including grants, accreditation, events & scholarships.
Engadine High School'Bottling the idea'Beautifying your school while reducing heating/cooling bills added bonus of using recylable products.
Galston High SchoolChooks in SchoolsLearn about how to successfully raise chickens in school and how to incorporate them into a sustainable food garden. Let your students get up close and personal with chickens and learn how to handle and care for them.`
Galston High SchoolHow wild is your school?Using a project based learning approach, students investigate their impact and make changes to their environment.
Greenacre Public SchoolWorm Farm and Bush Tucker GardenLearn about the relationship between worms and the garden. See how important composting is in a natural, fertiliser-free garden.
HarperCollinsChildren's BooksAt Home Amongst the GumtreesThe importance of environments to animals and people, and different views on how they can be protected. ACHGK022.
HarperCollinsPublishersImpact of The Wild Brumbies with Author Jesse BlackadderFrom deep in the Kimberley Desert comes a legend of wild brumbies with Arabian bloodlines, who can run like the wind. Paruku, the young bay stallion, flees from humans who invade this desert sanctuary.
Longneck Lagoon EECWriggly WormsHands on workshop learning about keeping healthy and happy worms in schools.
Meadowbank PublicGreen teamHow to have a sustainable school.
National Roads & Motorists' Assocation NRMANRMA Sustainable TransportWhat makes transport sustainable?
NISEP - National Indegenous Science Education ProjectThe NISEP Science ExpoGet hands on with science by enjoying some fascinating scientific practicals. Includes the ever popular slime!
NSW National Parks and Wildlife ServiceWilder Quest LearningExplore the amazing environments of the WilderQuest website and App by playing games and scoring points to unlock knowledge and learning about our natural environments and Aboriginal culture. Teachers area guided through the newly developed and launched 10-week programs for classroom use.
Observatory Hill EECDesigning Sustainable HomesStudents will have fun learning about the features of sustainable buildings using an interactive model and use Ipads to develop a 3D model of a building.
Ocean YouthOcean Youth: Be an Ambassador for our future oceansOcean Youth provides continued engagement in current sustainability issues outside of the curriculum. The online platform provides reward based learning for 12-18 year olds, based around current conservation issues facing our oceans.
Parramatta Climate Action NetworkSaving Energy for a Healthier and Better FutureClimate change is a critical issue for all children as it will affect them the most. Young children may have difficulty grasping some of the concepts but will be able to understand concepts of energy and how they can make a difference.
Parramatta Climate Action NetworkChildren of the Green EarthThese days children spend too much time inside and playing with their electronic devices. They need to be outside and appreciating trees and their value to humans and their importance in ecosystems
Parramatta Climate Action NetworkSolving Climate Change and Energy Options for your FutureIf we don't act on climate change today our students will have a very uncertain future.
Parramatta River Catchment GroupLet's make Parramatta River swimmable again!The Parramatta River was swimmable once, and it can be swimmable again. Come on a journey to 2025 and see what it takes to make our river swimmable once again.
Pittwater Council Coastal Environment CentreSustainability in our Marine EnvironmentThis is a unique opportunity for students to participate in hands on exploration of our living oceans and our role in protecting them.
Royal Agricultural SocietyField To FibreWhat is it that makes fabric sustainable? Become a champion of the future and learn what factors are considered to make fabric sustainable. Students will have the opportunity to watch a professional shearer shear a sheep.
Royal Botanic Gardens - Youth Community Greening2 x workshops:  Sustainable Gardening Bush & Tucker GardenSG - How can we make our school garden work in a sustainable way, whilst improving production and reducing costs.
BTG - Many of the plants in your school were used by Aboriginal people. Find out about these wonderful plants and learn how to make your own bush tucker garden.
Seed Harvest Spoon Education FoundationInvestigating Native Bee's in the Schoolyard GardenStudents will learn about the curious nature of Native Bees and how to care for them in a school garden or playground. Students will learn about the various species of Native Bees that visit their garden and learn how to create habit to attract them.
SOPA and D'harawal Knowlege CircleTraditional Indigenous WeavingTo be confirmed
St Ignatius' College RiverviewShowcasing our Solar Cooking Challenge across the Hunter's Hill Lane Cove schoolsIs hands on with some food involved, learning about the power of the sun will be fun.
Stone and BonesStone Age Tools: Making a stone axeGet your students making and learn about the technological sophistication and innovation of ancient peoples by constructing a working stone axe. During the workshop students will work alongside Aboriginal student volunteers and have the opportunity to look at and handle artifacts.
Sydney Olympic Park AuthoritySustainability in Urban PlacesYour students will learn about sustainability principals in urban design and development and will get to re-design an existing heritage building
Sydney Olympic Park AuthorityMysterious MangrovesStudents will participate in hands-on activities to discover some adaptations of mangroves. They will also explore the conditions of the environment they live in, through mud and water tests.
Sydney Olympic Park AuthorityWater quality and managementAssess water quality and discover how water flows in and around Sydney Olympic Park. Students will participate in hands-on activities including identifying waterbugs, testing water samples, and understand how water flows in our catchment.
Taronga ZooBackyard BuddiesTeach your students about their local wildlife and what they can do every day to protect it.
TerraCycleHow can your school "eliminate the idea of waste"?Students will be asked to think where our waste ends up and how to eliminate the idea of waste, and how schools can fundraise through recycling.
The Red Room CompanyThe Disappearing - dreaming place and poetryBe inspired by the fragile environment around you as you work with artists and poets to create your own poems about changes places. These poems will feature on The Disappearing, a free app created by The Red Room Company to map transforming landscapes over time.
University of Technology SydneyLandscape Architecture DisplayTo be confirmed
University of Western SydneyWaste not, want not: teaching students about food wastage.Students need to know what they need to eat and how not to waste food. Develop their knowledge and skills through hands on activities relating to food consumption and wastage.
University of Western Sydney - Enactus TeamWaste Not, Want NotUWS uses delicious, hands on activities to explore the roles of different stakeholders, government, producers and consumers, in the production food wastage in Australia. This thought poking workshop encourages student to discuss and draw conclusions about for wastage.
University of Western Sydney - Office of SustainabilityScience of TextilesThis workshop looks at different aspects of the textile industry - from fibers to ethics. Knowing where your clothes comes from and what it is made from is an important part for a sustainable future.
WSROC - Western Sydney Regional Organisation of CouncilsLight Years AheadTo be confirmed