Stage 1 - COGS

Primary students field excursion Photo: Paul K Robbins

Local Places 

This primary school excursion for Stage 1 students is a hands-on experience of Sydney Olympic Park.

Students are invited to interact with the natural environment on an outdoor excursion of Bicentennial Park. This helps them understand the interrelated nature of humans and animals in the Park, through direct contact with their surroundings.

Students consider how the land has evolved by experiencing aspects of the Park, including:

  • woodlands
  • playgrounds
  • a wet environment
  • heritage features.

Issues explored during the school field trip include:

• health and safety
• pollution
• design techniques used in the parklands.

This educational school trip to Sydney Olympic Park supports the Local Places Stage 1 COGs unit.

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Duration: 2 hours (9.30am–11.30am or 12.30pm–2.30pm)
Cost: $11.90 per student 
Location: Bicentennial Park Education Centre 
Bookings: 02 9714 7888

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