Stage 1 - Science and Technology

Badu Mangroves high tide Photo: Sydney Olympic Park Authority

New Primary Science Syllabus Excursion Program

Stage 1– Living World

Frog Out Of Water

Students are presented with a hypothetical problem – Sydney Olympic Park is growing and new buildings are going up. Some frogs have been found at a building site and they need to be found a new home. After investigating potential frog habitats, students will recommend where the frogs should live so their needs can be met.

During this hands-on excursion, students will explore:

  • the features of frogs;
  • the needs of frogs to ensure their survival;
  • a variety of habitats.

This excursion links to the Living World outcomes of the NSW Science Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum

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Duration: 2 hours (9.30am–11.30am or 12.30pm–2.30pm)
Cost: $11.90 per student
Location: Newington Armory Education Centre
Bookings: 02 9714 7888

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