Stage 1 - Science and Technology

Badu Mangroves high tide Photo: Sydney Olympic Park Authority

New Primary Science Syllabus Excursion Program

Stage 1– Living World

Frog Out Of Water

Students are presented with a hypothetical problem – Sydney Olympic Park is growing and new buildings are going up. Some frogs have been found at a building site and they need to be found a new home. After investigating potential frog habitats, students will recommend where the frogs should live so their needs can be met.

During this hands-on excursion, students will explore:

  • the features of frogs;
  • the needs of frogs to ensure their survival;
  • a variety of habitats.

This excursion links to the Living World outcomes of the NSW Science Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum

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Kids Care – Science & Technology

Kids Care is one of our popular outdoor primary school programs. It encourages students to actively protect and conserve the natural environment.

In this field trip excursion, students observe woodlands, mangroves and waterways of Bicentennial Park at Sydney Olympic Park. They consider human impacts on animals and their habitats, and discuss ways to nurture these environments.

Field trip activities include:

  • mangrove forest investigation
  • water sampling
  • bug identification
  • bird watching
  • observation from a tower.

Adobe PDF Download key learning outcomes (PDF 75KB)

What’s Alive – Science & Technology

This field trip to Sydney Olympic Park encourages primary school students observe different animal and plant types in a safe environment.

On this excursion of Bicentennial Park, students will:

  • investigate animals from a freshwater pond, mangrove wetland and dry forest area
  • observe and identify plants and animals, and their different functions and habitats
  • explore concepts of seasonal cycles, plant reproduction and food webs.

This educational school field trip gives students an opportunity to develop their appreciation of conservation and environmental care.

Learning comes alive with outdoor school programs at Sydney Olympic Park. Bicentennial Park is the perfect venue for primary school programs. The 100 hectare natural heritage site has an important wetland ecosystem and 40 hectares of parklands to discover.

Adobe PDF Download key learning outcomes (PDF 70KB)


Duration: 2 hours (9.30am–11.30am or 12.30pm–2.30pm)
Cost: $11.90 per student
Location: Bicentennial Park Education Centre
Bookings: 02 9714 7888

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