Stage 2 - The Wangal Walkabout

Aboriginal implements Image: Sydney Olympic Park

The Wangal Walkabout

Curriculum Links

  • Science – Earth and Space
  • HSIE Syllabus – First contacts, Community and Remembrance
  • English - Express themselves

Excursion Description
The Wangal Walkabout takes students on a journey through the wetlands and dry forest environments of Bicentennial Park as seen through the eyes of the local Aboriginal people – the Wangal. Students will gain an understanding of traditional Aboriginal life and how the Wangal people survived sustainably off the land for up to 25,000 years in the area that is today Sydney Olympic Park. Students will learn about the key principles of Aboriginal life including connection to Country and the natural indicators of Sydney’s six season calendar, life as a saltwater, bitterwater and sweetwater person and the role of Dreaming in everyday life. The program has been designed by traditional D’harawal Knowledge Keeper Shannon Foster.

Activities are engaging, challenging and exploratory, and may include:

  • walkabout through mangroves following the trail of the Rainbow Serpent Dreaming
  • creating and examining resources used by Aboriginal people such as string making for fishing, boomerangs for hunting
  • creating artwork using Aboriginal symbols
  • participating in traditional Aboriginal games


  • Describes some observable changes over time on the Earth’s surface that result from natural processes and human activity (ST2-8ES) 
  • Develops knowledge of the Natural Environment through understanding about the Physical World, Earth and Space, and Living World (ST2-10LW) 
  • Describes and explain how significant individuals, groups and events contributed to changes in the local community over time (HT2-2)
  • Describes and explains effects of British colonisation in Australia (HT2-4)
  • Responds to and composes a range of texts that express viewpoints of the world similar to and different from their own (EN2-11D)

Duration: full day (10am - 2pm)

Cost: $387.50 per class (20 – 30 students) or  $310 per small class (less than 20 students)

Location: Bicentennial Park Education Centre

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