Stage 3 - Energy- Investigating Renewable Energy

Youth Eco Summit – Girls sustainability activity Photo: Narelle Spangher, MONDE Photo

Stage 3 – Investigating Renewable Energy

Curriculum Links

  • Science – Physical World Strand
  • Primary Science Connections – Essential energy

Excursion Description

At Sydney Olympic Park's Education Centre at Newington Armory, students witness renewable energy in action, as the building runs on solar power and feeds energy into the power grid. Students explore how to make, transform and use renewable energy. Students then conduct a critical analysis of renewable power options available and design a model of a sustainable home.

Activities are engaging, challenging and exploratory, and may include:

  • hands-on testing of solar panels and wind turbines
  • water wheels and an ‘energy bike’
  • design a model of a renewable energy home


  • Demonstrates a willingness to engage responsibly with local, national and global issues relevant to their lives, and to shaping sustainable futures (ST3-2VA)
  • Investigates by posing questions, including testable questions, making predications and gathering data to draw evidence-based conclusions and develop explanations (ST3-4WS)
  • Plans and implements a design process, selecting a range of tools, equipment, materials and techniques to product solutions that address the design criteria and identified constraints (ST3-5WT)
  • Describes how scientific understanding about the sources, transfer and transformation of electricity is related to making decisions about its use (ST3-6PW)

Program Times
School arrival:  9.30am - Toilets and bags put away
Program finish: 2.15pm
Buses depart: 2.30pm

Cost: $387.50 per class (20 – 30 students) or  $310 per small class (less than 20 students)

Location: Sydney Olympic Park Education Centre at Newington Armory

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