New Excursions Year 9-10

class on Mangrove Boardwalk Image: Sydney Olympic Park

Our excursions for 2017 are booked out. We are now taking bookings for 2018.

These high school geography excursions use Sydney Olympic Park’s important wetlands system to increase students’ awareness of ecosystem management, human impacts and conservation. Students can also learn about our sustainable urban development in our town centre since the Sydney 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Duration: 4 hours

Cost: $425 per class (20 – 30 students) or $340 per small class (less than 20 students)

Location: Sydney Olympic Park Education Centre

Bookings: 02 9714 7870

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Changing Places – Sydney Olympic Park; A colourful past, a bright future – Year 9/10

An exploration of Sydney Olympic Park’s urban centre and parklands will assist the students with investigating the changing nature of this community and investigate the management and planning of its future, including the strategies used to create an economically, social and environmentally sustainable urban place.

Students will experience one of Australia’s largest urban renewal projects, and get to see first hand, the environmental, social and economic sustainability principles that have been designed to ensure Sydney Olympic Park’s ‘Green Games’ legacy and its continued growth as an important economic centre in Sydney.

Throughout their journey, students will undertake a range of fieldwork including drawing a field sketch, conducting an urban services survey, comparing current and historic photographs, interpreting population data and locating key features on maps. As a post excursion activity the students can be set a challenge to use the information they have gathered during the excursion to design their own sustainable township in today's increasingly urbanised world.

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Environmental Change and Management – Challenges of an urban wetland – Year 9/10

Students will undertake their investigative study of the causes and consequences of environmental change in an inter-tidal wetland with the pressures of increased urbanisation.

They can compare and evaluate the management responses of this inter-tidal wetland at Sydney Olympic Park (Homebush Bay) with a site in one other country. Students will undertake a range of fieldwork to gather primary and secondary data for their investigative study.

 Fieldwork will include using a Geographic Information System (GIS) to construct a précis map, scientific monitoring equipment, a vegetation transect to investigate the biophysical processes in this environment and the evaluation of a range of management responses and the effectiveness of these responses in achieving environmental sustainability.

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Issues in Australian Environments – Year 10

In this field trip to Sydney Olympic Park, Year 10 geography students assess human impact on the Park’s waterways and wetlands.

Students use geographic skills and fieldwork tasks, including the use of a GIS, to collect primary data for a report.

A key part of this environmental excursion is examining water quality issues such as:

  • pollutant types
  • point sources of pollution 
  • evaluation of current management strategies 
  • development of innovative new strategies to improve water quality.

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