Year 11-12

bird hide boardwalk Photo: Sydney Olympic Park Authority

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These high school geography excursions use Sydney Olympic Park’s important wetlands system to increase students’ awareness of ecosystem management, human impacts and conservation.

Duration: 4 hours

Cost: $550 per class (20 – 30 students) or $440 per small class (less than 20 students)

Location: Sydney Olympic Park Education Centre

Bookings: 02 9714 7870

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Biophysical Interactions – Year 11

Year 11 geography students conduct field work around Bicentennial Park’s intertidal wetlands to help them understand biophysical interactions.

This high school excursion examines interactions between the biosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere and atmosphere. It investigates human impacts and management of the spheres and the intertidal wetland environment as a functioning system.

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Urban Places –Year 12

Sydney Olympic Park – A Case Study for Urban Renewal

Sydney Olympic Park has a rich and dynamic history. The 640 hectares of land has evolved into a vibrant specialist economic centre, integrating world class venues and parklands to create a new community for workers, residents, students and visitors alike.

This Urban Renewal case study fieldtrip will take the students on a journey through the dynamic changes that have occurred in and around this site over the past 250 years. The journey will start from indigenous occupation of this area and the European settlement and colonial industries that began in the late 1700’s. The journey will then take them onto the post war boom period and the government owned industries such as the brick works, abattoir and armaments depot. The students can see first hand the adaptive re-use of the heritage listed buildings that were built during this time period.

As we weave our way through the new suburb of Sydney Olympic Park, we will discuss a range of urban dynamics that have occurred in this area including suburbanisation, urban decay, urban renewal and consolidation. Students will learn about one of Australia’s largest urban renewal projects that resulted from the successful bid for the 2000 Olympic Games. They will see first hand the sustainability principles that went into the design and development of the ‘Green Games’, and will learn about the Master Plan 2030 that provides the blueprint for future urban development within this vibrant township that is Sydney Olympic Park!

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Ecosystems at Risk – Year 12

In this wetlands excursion, Year 12 geography students investigate how intertidal wetlands function.

On their field trip, students conduct fieldwork tasks, including:

  • vegetation transects
  • quadrant sampling
  • sketching land use maps
  • using scientific equipment.

Students study the natural and human stresses placed upon wetlands and the management strategies used to protect them. In a session using a geographic information system (GIS), students learn about past and present land uses that impact on the wetlands.

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