Year 7-10

Badu mangroves boardwalk Photo: Sydney Olympic Park Authority

School excursions are now fully booked for 2016. Bookings for 2017 will be re-open at the beginning of Term 4, Monday 10th October.

These high school geography excursions use Sydney Olympic Park’s important wetlands system to increase students’ awareness of ecosystem management, human impacts and conservation.

Duration: 4 hours

Cost: $425 per class (20 – 30 students) or $340 per small class (less than 20 students)

Location: Sydney Olympic Park Education Centre

Bookings: 02 9714 7870

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Global Environments Wetlands – Year 7

In this wetlands excursion, Year 7 geography students use fieldwork techniques and field aids to gather information about Sydney Olympic Park’s wetlands.
This data helps students understand how wetlands function and how humans can care for them.

Activities include:

  • site-specific mapping exercises to build mapping skills
  • use of a geographic information system (GIS) to show how the site has changed over time.

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Global Issues and the Role of Citizenship  – Year 8

Year 8 geography students conduct a field trip through Bicentennial Park to assess impacts on mangrove wetlands due to human activities, past and present.

Students conduct fieldwork using a range of skills and techniques. They use a Geographic Information System (GIS) and determine the future management of the wetlands. This information empowers the students to become active environmental citizens.

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New Excursion Program
Changing Australian Communities –Year 9

Stage 5 geography students explore the urban core of Sydney Olympic Park, focusing on the changing nature of this community over the past 250 years. Students will identify, gather and evaluate geographical information on the diverse township that is Sydney Olympic Park. They will learn about and experience first hand the changing nature of this community, from indigenous occupation, through colonial settlement and colonial industries, suburbanisation and industrial growth, through to urban decay and then the urban renewal that we have seen over the past decade that has made Sydney Olympic Park the vibrant township it is today!

This excursion program includes a range of fieldwork techniques to collect primary and secondary data, including the use of maps to locate key features on the site, drawing a field sketch, and using current and historic photographs to determine changes over time. The students will experience what it takes to design, develop, maintain and grow a current day township sustainably.

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Investigating Australia’s Physical Environments –Year 9

Year 9 geography students explore natural living environments such as mangrove wetlands, salt marsh and eucalypt forests.

This wetlands excursion includes fieldwork to:

  • draw and label plant features
  • measure abiotic factors
  • calculate the size of areas to assist in biodiversity management.

Using a Geographic Information System (GIS), students are able to demonstrate changes to Bicentennial Park’s land use.

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Issues in Australian Environments – Year 10

In this field trip to Sydney Olympic Park, Year 10 geography students assess human impact on the Park’s waterways and wetlands.

Students use geographic skills and fieldwork tasks, including the use of a GIS, to collect primary data for a report.

A key part of this environmental excursion is examining water quality issues such as:

  • pollutant types
  • point sources of pollution 
  • evaluation of current management strategies 
  • development of innovative new strategies to improve water quality.

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