Secondary On-Demand Video Conferences

Wetlands Learning Image: Paul K. Robbins
Organise a Video Conference on the topic you want, at a time that suits your class! Choose from a range of topics customised to suit your Secondary students.

Geography Case Studies:

Ecosystems at Risk-Traditional Land Management

Learn how indigenous Australians lived sustainably in the wetlands and woodlands of what today is Sydney Olympic Park.

Ecosystems at Risk- Contemporary Management of Urban Wetlands

Gain insights learnt from the experience of managing the intertidal and constructed wetlands at Sydney Olympic Park since 1988.

Urban Places

Learn about The Urban Dynamics of the Sydney Olympic Park area within the context of the Sydney region - from pre-European settlement to today (and beyond to 2030). 

Science Case Studies:

Mosquitoes and Climate Change

Mosquitoes are responsible for much disease across the globe. What will happen as global temperatures rise?

Urban Water Management

Our award-winning whole-of-site water management scheme harvests stormwater, then treats the stored water to generate high quality recycled water for non-drinking use across the Park. 

Sustainable Urban development

A “Green” township has been created at the Sydney 2000 Olympic precinct – what are the sustainability features of this township?

Science of the Estuarine Wetlands

How do the plants and animals of the intertidal wetlands adapt to the harsh salty conditions they live with?

Environmental Microbiology

At Sydney Olympic Park, we use microbes to clean up pollution! Learn the details of this ground-breaking environmental science project in which microorganisms treat groundwater high in petroleum hydrocarbons so that it is safe for release to the Parramatta River.

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