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Fireworks at Sydney Olympic Park Fireworks at Sydney Olympic Park

Sydney Olympic Park's future development is guided by Master Plan 2030

Adopted in 2010, this carefully crafted blueprint facilitates the Park’s evolution into a vibrant centre that supports NSW Government’s Plan for Growing Sydney to become the heart to the fast-growing Olympic corridor.  It aims to:

  • build on Sydney Olympic Park’s uniqueness as an outstanding major events, sports, entertainment, recreation and business precinct.
  • expand the Park’s rapidly growing business, education and hospitality activities, and
  • introduce a broader range of urban activities including residential and retail uses that will activate the precinct on a 18 to 24/7 basis.

Sydney Olympic Park is a living entity which continues to evolve to meet changing demands and circumstances, whilst respecting its Olympic and Paralympic heritage. 

A periodic review of Master Plan 2030 is underway to ensure that it remains current and relevant and considers the significant change that has occurredin the past 5 years:

Changes to Sydney Olympic Park

Changes to the Olympic Corridor and Olympic Peninsula

Sydney Olympic Park is now approaching the next exciting stage, where there will be more to do, more adventure, more shops, more transport, more local parks, more child care, more education, more for the local community, more health and wellbeing, more excitement, more night-life and more opportunity. Sydney Olympic Park is the place that you will never have to leave!