Changes to Sydney Olympic Park

Changes to Sydney Olympic Park Changes to Sydney Olympic Park

In the first 5 years of its use, Master Plan 2030 has been a catalyst for significant and transformative change in the Sydney Olympic Park town centre.  Already 32% of total planned capacity identified in Master Plan 2030 is either complete or committed for development, which highlights the significant interest in the precinct and the potential for further growth. 

Master Plan 2030 has enabled the continuing growth of residential, commercial and education uses in the town centre as well as new mixed use development at the Sydney Olympic Park Ferry Wharf at Wentworth Point.

The daily population at Sydney Olympic Park now consists of:

  • 2,000 residents, taking advantage of the considerable amenity that Sydney Olympic Park offers;
  • 13,500 workers across many sectors, including banking, technology, education, health and fitness, sports medicine and sports administration
  • 1,500 students and athletes, who study and train using the Park’s world class facilities; and
  • thousands of daily visitors for business events, entertainment, sport and leisure. 

Since 2010, new infrastructure has been  funded through the Infrastructure Contributions Framework to cater for the growing community.  This includes new roads (Murray Rose Ave and Parkview Drive extensions), road and intersection upgrades (Australia Ave, Bennelong Parkway, Olympic Boulevard) and utility upgrades (electricity zone substation and expansion of the recycled water scheme). 

In addition, new venues and facilities have been completed including GWS Giants AFL Training Facility and Community Playing Field, Blaxland Riverside Park regional playground, Netball Central, Spotless Stadium and expansion of the Sydney Showground exhibition halls.  These new facilities have allowed Sydney and NSW to attract and retain events that may have been lost to other states.

These developments have brought further amenity for the community, such as retail, new parks and public open spaces and new childcare facilities.  New schools, providing for Sydney Olympic Park as well as the future communities at Wentworth Point and Carter Street, are being planned. 

The use of sporting and events infrastructure at Sydney Olympic Park is constantly evolving – requiring continual adjustments in the use of facilities and operation of events, that were not foreseen even 5 years ago.