Handy hints for map

The new Sydney Olympic Park map uses Google technology, so most of the features that you are used to using on Google Maps will also apply here.

Zoom levels

Pinch and spread your screen to zoom out and in on the map. 

To reset the zoom level to show all of Sydney Olympic Park, click on the 'reset' button in the bottom left corner of the map.

Your location

To find your location, click on the 'arrow' in the bottom right corner.

Display information

To display information on the map, click on the buttons on the bottom of the screen. 

If the button is highlighted in yellow, this layer of information is turned on. 

If the button is grey, this layer of information is turned off. 

Pop ups

Click on any icon to open a pop up window for more information.

To close a pop up window at the bottom of your screen, click the 'x' in the right corner or click on another icon or line.


If you click on a link to another web page, it will open as a new tab or window on your device. 

To go back to the Map, look at your open tabs/windows. 

Traffic Alerts

To display traffic alert information, click on traffic alerts, then the date that you will be coming to the Park and then click 'Done'. Road closures will display as red lines on relevant roads and car park closures will display as a crossed out 'P' symbol.

Click on the red lines or the icon to show further details of the road closure or car park closure, including times that the closure will be in place.

Please note that some road closures only apply after the event to provide a safer environment for pedestrians and to assist with traffic flow.

To remove road closures, click on Traffic Alerts and then 'Clear' and 'Done'.


There are many eating options at Sydney Olympic Park, particularly around the train station and Olympic Boulevard.

Zoom in to see the names of the restaurants and click on the icons for more information. 


There are many more layers of information available, including toilets, ATMs and bike racks.  Display this information by checking the box next to each layer and then click 'Done'.

To remove the icons, click 'More' and then 'Clear' or uncheck the box next to each layer.


We welcome your feedback and suggestions for improvements to this map.  Please leave a comment on our blog.