Global Issues and the Role of Citizenship, Wetlands, Threatened Habitats - Geography - Stage 4 (Year 8)


The excursion provides for a detailed investigation of a study of a mangrove environment and its management. The positive and negative effect of human interaction with this environment is also emphasised.


  • To stimulate students’ enjoyment of and interest in the interaction of the physical and human environments of Sydney Olympic Park
  • For the students to develop an understanding of the nature of wetland environments, their importance and values and our interactions with them
  • Participate in student-centred fieldwork activities and use a variety of geographical tools
  • Working co-operatively and cohesively within group situations
  • Provide an opportunity for the development of positive attitudes toward the environment so they may take an active role in its sustainability


In learning about the wetlands at Sydney Olympic Park and their management, students will work towards the following Stage 4 Outcomes in the new Years 7-10

Geography Syllabus


identifies and gathers geographical information


organises and interprets geographical information


uses a range of written, oral and graphic forms to communicate geographical information


Uses a range of geographical tools (including the use of GIS)


Identifies and discusses geographical issues from a range of perspectives


describes the interrelationships between people and environments


explains how geographical knowledge, understanding and skills combine with knowledge of civics to contribute to informed citizenship