Investigating Australia's Physical Environments - Geography - Stage 5 (Year 9)


  • To become familiar with a range of unique Australian environments- mangroves, saltmarsh and dry sclerophyll forest, through the investigation of;
    • distinctive features of the flora and fauna in that environment, 
    • adaptations to that environment
    • the impact of introduced species on it.
  • To understand the changing nature of the physical (natural) and built (human) environments of the parklands over time
  • Participate in student-centred fieldwork activities and use a variety of geographical tools and equipment
  • Work co-operatively and cohesively within group situations
  • Provide an opportunity for the development of positive attitudes toward the environment so they may take an active role in its sustainability


5.1 identifies, gathers and evaluates geographical information
5.2 analyses, organises and synthesises geographical information
5.3 selects and uses appropriate written, oral and graphic forms to communicate geographical information
5.4 selects and applies appropriate geographical tools
5.5 demonstrates a sense of place about Australian environments
5.6 explains the geographical processes that form and transform Australian environments
5.7 analyses the impacts of different perspectives on geographical issues at local, national and global scales
5.10 applies geographical knowledge, understanding and skills with knowledge of civics to demonstrate informed and active citizenship

Geographical Tools

  • Interpret satellite images – Using a GIS
  • Calculate the are a of a feature
  • Calculate local relief
  • Construct a transect
  • Describe and explain relationships on a map

Life Skills

LS.1 Experiences a range of environments

LS.2 moves around in the environment

LS.3 recognises the features of a range of environments

LS.4 explores the effects of the physical environment on people’s activities

LS.5 explores the effects of peoples activities on the physical environments

LS.10 recognises the importance of active and informed citizenship

LS.11 uses a variety of strategies to locate and select information

LS.12 uses a variety of strategies to organise and communicate information