Issues in Australian Environments - Geography - Stage 5 (Year 10)

Learning Challenge

The inter-tidal wetlands of Sydney Olympic Park may be threatened by the quality of the fresh and salt water that flushes them as a result of the human activities in the catchment and waterways. Sydney Olympic Park Authority has chosen you to investigate the issue of water quality within the inter-tidal wetlands at Bicentennial Park. You have been employed to undertake a range of fieldwork tasks in order to write a report to the Authority on this issue. You will also need to evaluate the Authority’s current management practices and propose individual/group actions that can assist in addressing this issue at the Park and beyond its boundaries.


To understand the geographical issues related to the inter-tidal wetlands at Sydney Olympic Park and how these issues are being managed.


In the process of undergoing fieldwork to investigate the water quality of the inter-tidal wetlands at Sydney Olympic Park the students will learn how to:

  • gather and process relevant data (including the use of GIS)
  • evaluate alternative solutions regarding the management of the issue
  • communicate research findings
  • propose individual/group actions to address the issue
  • demonstrate active citizenship.


In learning about the wetlands at Sydney Olympic Park, students will work towards the following Stage 5 Outcomes in the Geography Syllabus:

5.1 identifies, gathers and evaluates geographical information

5.2 analyses, organises and synthesises geographical information

5.3 selects and uses appropriate written, oral and graphic forms to communicate geographical information

5.4 selects and applies appropriate geographical tools (including the use of GIS)

5.5 demonstrates a sense of place about Australian environments

5.6 explains the geographical processes that form and transform Australian environments

5.7 analyses the impact of different perspectives on geographical issues at local, national and global scales

5.10 applies geographical knowledge, understanding and skills with knowledge of civics to demonstrate informed and active citizenship

Life Skills: LSG7

LS.1   experiences a range of environments
LS.2   moves around in the environment
LS.3   recognises the features of a range of environments
LS.4   explores the effects of the physical environment on people’s activities
LS.5   explores the effects of peoples activities on the physical environments
LS.6   investigates environmental issues and challenges
LS.10  recognises the importance of active and informed citizenship
LS.11  uses a variety of strategies to locate and select information
LS.12  uses a variety of strategies to organise and communicate information