Urban Places; Urban Renewal Case Study - Geography - Stage 6 (Year 12)


The student:

H1 explains the changing nature, spatial patterns and interaction of ecosystems, urban places and economic activity

H3 analyses contemporary urban dynamics and applies them in specific contexts

H7 justifies geographical methods applicable and useful in the workplace and relevant to a changing world

H8 plans geographical inquiries to analyse and synthesise information from a variety of sources

H9 evaluates geographical information and sources for usefulness, validity and reliability

H10 applies maps, graphs and statistics, photographs and fieldwork to analyse and integrate data in geographical contexts

H11 applies mathematical ideas and techniques to analyse geographical data

H12 explains geographical patterns, processes and future trends through appropriate case studies and illustrative examples

H13 communicates complex geographical information, ideas and issues effectively, using appropriate written and/or oral, cartographic and graphic forms.

Use geographical skills and tools such as:

  • synthesising and evaluating fieldwork data about the dynamics of change in a country town or suburb.

Urban Dynamics

  • a case study of the results of the urban dynamics in a large city selected from the developed world including its
    • social structure and spatial patterns of advantage and disadvantage, wealth and poverty, ethnicity
    • changing economic character, nature and location of residential land, commercial and industrial development
    • culture of place as expressed in the architecture, streetscape, heritage architecture, noise, colour, street life, energy, vitality and lifestyles
    • growth, development, future trends and ecological sustainability.