Terms & Conditions

A limited number of Long Term Parking spaces may be available specifically for those employed by local businesses or for those wishing to park on a long-term basis (minimum 3 months) at Sydney Olympic Park. Sydney Olympic Park Authority (SOPA) parking permits can not be purchased for specific event periods only (eg: Royal Easter Show).

Parking rates vary depending on location (ie: which car park) and access limits (ie: 6am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday only, or 24/7 access). Current rates are posted on SOPA’s web site.

SOPA will use its best endeavours to locate permit holders within a car park close to their desired location; however relocation may be required at times of major events, particularly during the Royal Easter Show event period when certain car parks are temporarily unavailable. For this reason parking in a particular car park can not be guaranteed and it may be necessary to relocate to a different car park should the need arise.

SOPA Parking Permits do not allow on-street parking and/or parking outside of a marked bay. P6 barcoded permit holders not clearly displaying the number on a valid SOPA Parking Permit when parked in a pay & display car park may be issued with an infringement without warning.

SOPA Parking Permits will be charged each month, in advance on the respective monthly anniversary date. Payment must be made via SOPA’s direct debit system (ie Westpac PayWay) and permits will be deactivated within 24 hours following advice of a declined transaction (eg: insufficient funds and ‘Do Not Honour’). A reactivation fee of $27.50 will apply in such cases. Continuous decline of payment may result in SOPA terminating the respective parking access.

It is important to understand that the SOPA Parking Permit, proxy card must be used in sequence (1 Entry followed by 1 Exit). If your have forgotten your pass and/or you push for a ticket on entry, you will be charged the full casual rate as per the ticket. Continuous misuse of your Permit may result in SOPA terminating your parking access.

For those holding a SOPA Parking Permit in excess of the minimum 3 month period, suspension of the permit may be permitted whilst on leave of absence (eg: 1 to 6 months or maternity leave for up to 12 months with a doctor’s certificate). Suspension will only be permitted in whole month blocks (ie: SOPA is not able to suspend on a daily or weekly basis). The permit must be returned for the suspended period and an administration/holding fee of $27.50 will apply.

Cancellations and refunds may only be considered after the permit is physically received by SOPA’s parking contractor - Secure Parking (Lost permits will require a Statutory Declaration and a $27.50 lost/replacement fee applies). For the purposes of any refund, usage will be calculated at the current full casual rate (presently $25 per day). As an example; after the initial commitment period of 3 months, a request for refund where only 5 days of the following (ie: 4th) month are used, will equate to $25 X 5 days = $125.00 owing. Any residual may be refunded.

All SOPA Parking Permit fees are subject to increase by the CPI each 1 July, or as otherwise determined and advised by SOPA on its website.

Please note that these Terms and Conditions may be subject to change from time to time. You should check terms and conditions web page periodically to keep informed of any changes.

For more information about permanent parking at Sydney Olympic Park, please contact Secure Parking on 02 9714 7077.

Download the Adobe PDF document Parking Terms & Conditions.