FAQs Point to Point Premium Parking

Is there an online booking form for the PTP Premium Parking?

The current process for PTP Premium Parking bookings is to print and complete the booking form, scan and email to premiumparking@sopa.nsw.gov.au.  We are investigating options to create a more streamlined, online booking process.

If I only want to drop a customer off and not park are there any
fees payable?

You are able to use the dedicated Drop-off & Pick-up Point in Uhrig Road, which is a shared zone and is free to use.  Drop-off & Pick-ups are not allowed in the PTP Premium Parking Areas, unless access has been pre-booked and a valid permit is displayed.

If I reserve a spot for a car with plate number ABC123 and on
the day of the event that car breaks down. If I have to send my
client’s a different hire car, what do I do about access to the
PTP Premium Parking area?

Driver and vehicle registration details will be checked at the access point to the PTP Premium Parking Area.  

If there is change to driver /vehicle details due to unforseen circumstance, you will need to contact Secure Parking on 9714 7077 and/or bring it to the attention of the Traffic Controller at the access point for resolution.  It should be noted, that any vehicle that requires to park in the access area requires a permit displayed on the dashboard.

Why has Premium Parking changed at Sydney Olympic Park?

Recent changes to the PTP parking scheme at Sydney Olympic Park are the result of NSW Government PTP transport reforms introduced last year.  

Sydney Olympic Park Authority has been working with Transport for NSW and the PTP Transport Industry over the past year to identify the best parking solution to respond to these changes and the increased demand to access the PTP Premium parking areas.  

The Authority also consulted with transport operators over several events through the year, using flyers, online communications and surveys.

What vehicles are able to access the PTP Premium parking
area? Can coaches and mini-buses use the Dawn Fraser Ave area?

Any vehicle that is qualified under Point to Point Transport Regulations is allowed to park in the dedicated PTP Premium parking areas. If PTP vehicles are longer than 5 metres, they would not be permitted to park in Dawn Fraser Ave but can park to the PTP Premium parking area on Edwin Flack Ave (subject to availability).

Who do I contact when I arrive to drop off my passengers
and there is another vehicle parked in my pre-paid spot?

Your pre-booked PTP Premium Parking permit allows you access to the designated PTP Premium parking area and you are able to use any available spot within the area.  You are not entitled to a specific parking space.

What happens if I wish to make multiple bookings for access
to the PTP Premium Parking area?

You will need to complete a booking form for each vehicle so that our staff are able to process the bookings, check accreditations and issue permits for each vehicle. It is also important to share the limited parking area with as many PTP operators as possible.

Does the booking process reflect changes to the PTP
Transport Regulations that will be introduced from
1 November 2017, particularly that there will no longer be
HC accreditation numbers?

 Yes, the booking process only allows access to the PTP Premium area for accredited PTP Transport operators.

How long can I park in the PTP Premium parking area?

Generally, the PTP Premium Parking Area remains open with staff until the egress for the event is completed.  Then gradually roads within Sydney Olympic Park are changed to normal day–to–day conditions and it is important to note that parking conditions will also return to normal day parking restrictions.

Who can I contact for more information and assistance?

Secure Parking is available to provide assistance with bookings and can be contacted on 9714 7077 during business hours or premiumparking@sopa.nsw.gov.au.  

On the event day, Traffic Controllers and other Sydney Olympic Park Authority staff are available in close proximity to the PTP Premium Parking area and can provide assistance.