The next exciting stage for Sydney Olympic Park

Sydney Olympic Park is entering the next exciting stage where there will be more…. to do, more shops, places to live and work, transport, local parks, education, health and wellbeing, excitement, adventure, night-life and even more opportunities.

Why a Review?

Master Plan 2030 was first approved in 2010 to develop a sustainable and active Sydney Olympic Park.

To ensure our Master Plan remains current and relevant, a 5 yearly review is required by NSW Planning and Environment.

In 2014 A Plan for Growing Sydney was released to manage growth of the city, highlighting the significance of the Park and Olympic corridor which connects and supports Sydney’s two CBDs.

With the Bennelong Bridge connecting Wentworth Point to Rhodes now complete, Sydney Olympic Park will see more major transport infrastructure improvements with the WestConnex M4 works and construction of the light rail connecting the Park to Parramatta and Strathfield.

The review will enable Sydney Olympic Park to continue to deliver outstanding social, economic and environmental benefits for the people of Sydney and NSW.

What was the Review process?

Commencing in 2014, the review process involved a series of research projects, community and stakeholder consultations, technical studies and workshops.

The Authority has worked with other agencies to identify and address infrastructure gaps and new opportunities for Sydney Olympic Park.

What will change?

As a result of the review of Master Plan 2030, Sydney Olympic Park will be further activated with a total of:

  • 10,700 homes for 23,500 residents
  • 34,000 job opportunities
  • retail space increased to 100,000m2 
  • more local parks
  • possibilities for new primary and secondary schools

Three key precincts of Master Plan 2030 (Stadia, Central and Parkview) were reviewed with further development focused around transport corridors and infrastructure. There have been small enhancements to the Central Sports, Southern Sports and Boundary Creek & Tennis precincts.

What won’t change?

Sydney Olympic Park has evolved from the “best Games ever” to an active suburb which is considered the best example of successful Olympic legacy within Australia and overseas.

The Park will continue to be a major event destination, retain its environmental and recreational value and provide ongoing support to the development of community and elite sports.

Have Your Say

Community feedback has played an important role in helping to shape Sydney Olympic Park so that it meets its full potential. The Master Plan was on public exhibition from 10 October to 15 November 2016. Submissions are currently being reviewed and recommendations for the final Master Plan will be presented to the Minister for Planning in 2017.

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