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Arts and culture play a vital role in contributing to the spirit and identity of Sydney Olympic Park. The diverse range of activities in the arts program encourages artistic engagement and participation while enhancing the Park’s reputation as a place with a unique creative spirit.

Looking for What's on in Sydney? The Park offers regular free exhibitions of contemporary art guaranteed to be challenging, fresh and edgy.These programs draw thousands of visitors to the sprawling parklands and unique on-site venues within Newington Armory. In an amazing rebirth from its military-industrial origins, the Armory has transformed into a unique arts precinct, including a theatre, outdoor amphitheatre, artist studios and a stunning exhibition space with the longest continuous gallery wall in Australia.

Smaller exhibitions, film festivals, public art, cultural activities and kids activities fill the Park at other times, providing opportunities for visitors to engage with culture and art. You can experience first hand the creative process of artists, and even get in touch with your own creativity. 

Get involved

  • Check out the extensive art and cultural venues on-site.
  • Discover our collection of large-scale site-specific public art with more than 50 pieces adorning the Park
  • Hire studio space through the Artists at the Armory program.
  • Meet our on-site artists on one of our regular Meet the Artists at the Armory tours.
  • Find out all the things to discover when you explore the Armory.
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Artist Studio - painting Meet the artists at the Armory

Ever wondered what inspires an artists? Come and meet one and find out.

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