Getting your bike to the Park

Sydney Olympic Park a family cycling Photo: Paul K Robbins

Ride your bike to the Park using Google maps.

Arriving by car: There is 10,000 car spaces available. Some parking spaces are free for 2 hours. For longer stays, casual parking is for $5 per hour to maximum $25 per day.

Arriving by train: Bikes are permitted on trains free of charge outside peak hours. During mid-week peak hour, you must buy a child ticket for the bike in addition to your own ticket. Olympic Park Station has lifts to move bikes up from the lower platforms.

Arriving by ferry: Customers are able to take their bicycle on Sydney Ferries vessels. Carriage of bicycles is at the discretion of the crew due to safety requirements and may be limited due to capacity constraints. You are not required to purchase a separate ticket for your bicycle. When you disembark, ride down Hill Road and join the cycleway at Woo-la-ra.

Bike racks at the Park

You’ll find bike racks in convenient locations around the Park at:

  • most Park venues
  • Bicentennial Park
  • Wilson Park
  • Woo-la-ra
  • Wentworth Common
  • Olympic Park Station
  • Armory Wharf
  • Newington Armory