Lifeguard of the Year at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre

13 Jul 2012

Lifeguard of the Year at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre

Patrons of the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre are in award-winning hands as Pool Supervisor Robbie Mooy has been presented the commendable title of the 2012 Royal Life Saving Society Lifesaver of the Year.

Robbie, who joined the Aquatic Centre team four years ago, began as a Pool Attendant and has progressed to the role of Pool Supervisor, overseeing 8 permanent Pool Attendants and 60 casual Pool Attendants.

Robbie also shoulders the role of Chief Warden of the venue and coordinates the day-to-day operations of the Aquatic Centre, dealing with large crowds in excess of 4,000 on a daily basis during the summer months.

In determining the winner of this admirable award, Royal Life Saving Society and Aquatic & Recreation Institute looks at the commitment and dedication of Pool Lifeguards throughout Australia particularly at their development of skills, levels of training and service towards performing lifeguard duties.

Robbie holds an extensive list of qualifications including Pool Lifeguard, First Aid, Analgesic Gases, Asthma Management, Work Health Safety Consultation & Information Training, First Attack Firefighting and Workplace Evacuation and Advanced Workplace Evacuation.

Sydney Olympic Park Authority, who manages the Aquatic Centre, commends Robbie on his award and is delighted to have his dedication to service here at Sydney Olympic Park.

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