‘Malcolm’ drops in for a show at the Armory

09 Nov 2012

‘Malcolm’ drops in for a show at the Armory

With summer approaching most Park visitors are looking forward to summer fun, barbeques, Christmas parties, long summer nights and endless days at the beach. For some however, in particular the Rural Fire Service (RFS), summer means bush fires.

Each year the RFS prepares to meet the challenge of bush fires across the state, putting in place measures to fight fires wherever they may occur. One of the most visible measures is the arrival of the huge Erickson S-64 Air Crane helicopters, capable of lifting 10,000 litres of water in a single lift, allowing for pinpoint accurate fire fighting drops.

Following a RFS request, Sydney Olympic Park Authority was pleased to provide the Newington Armory to allow the RFS show off their latest Air Crane to the media.

The Authority granted permission, ensuring the area was fit, for ‘Malcolm’, a 19-tonne Erickson S-64 Air Crane to drop into the Armory on Friday 2 November in front of waiting media. As part of the display, ‘Malcolm’ carried out a series of precision water drops, highlighting the capabilities of this versatile fire fighter.

Over the years, the Air Crane’s have built up a legendary reputation, particularly the operations of ‘Elvis’ during the disastrous 2001 Sydney bushfires, where the efforts of Elvis are credited with helping save some 300 homes from bush fires.

Newington Armory where the event was held is managed by the Authority and features over 100 heritage buildings of various ages and types, set amidst a 52 hectare riverside landscape of undulating hills and woodlands.

Along with its significant ecological values, the Armory provides a location to a number of different events. Its offerings and flexibility has seen the site used for the RFS media launch, the Youth Eco Summit where thousands of children learn about sustainability, an Australian Ex Military Vehicle Collectors display and Operation Art, an art exhibition, in the past month. 


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