Bicentennial Park turns 25

07 Mar 2013

Bicentennial Park turns 25

A quarter of a century since it was declared open to the public in commemoration of the Australian Bicentenary, Bicentennial Park is today the most popular parkland within Sydney Olympic Park, attracting millions of visitors in its 25 years of operation. 

The 25th Anniversary of Bicentennial Park is being celebrated this year, with a range of special activities, free events and a public memories online competition, presented by Sydney Olympic Park Authority and Park-based businesses.

Many people are not aware that prior to the opening of Bicentennial Park, the area underwent a significant transformation, reclaiming the environment to become the popular park that we know today.

Bicentennial Park now boasts a range of facilities including playgrounds, water-play areas, free barbeque facilities, picnic pavilions, look-outs, walkways, a Bike Hire shop, cycling tracks, art installations, a bird hide, mangrove boardwalk, WatervieW at Bicentennial Park function centre and Lilies on the Park café.

A 105 hectare hub for recreation, education, leisure, community, business events and environmental-sustainability, Bicentennial Park is a part of the 430 hectares of parklands across Sydney Olympic Park (which is now a suburb), and it is situated in the heart of Sydney and one of the fastest growing urban areas in NSW.

“When opened on 1 January 1988 as the largest Bicentennial Year project, the intention was to present a park for future generations. Obviously Bicentennial Park has delivered beyond expectations, with an average of more than 1.2 million visitors per year,” said Graham Annesley, NSW Minister for Sport and Recreation.

“Bicentennial Park is the backyard of many local residents and a diverse cross-section of Sydney’s communities and cultures. Parks and public spaces are essential for physical and mental health and well being,” added Minister Annesley.

Bicentennial Park is also a centre for environmental education, with more than 23,000 school children participating in learning activities at Bicentennial Park’s Education Centres each year.

An ecologically-significant estuarine wetland system listed on the Directory of Important Australian Wetlands, Bicentennial Park is home to Sydney’s largest stand of grey mangroves, a breeding habitat for waterbirds and it attracts migratory birds from as far away as Japan and Siberia.

Open daily with free entry from sunrise to sunset, Bicentennial Park can be easily accessed by car, bus or train.

As part of the Bicentennial Park 25th Anniversary celebrations, Sydney Olympic Park Authority is inviting the community to share their memories of Bicentennial Park by submitting their favourite story, photo (or both!) for the chance to win major prize packages worth more than $2300 each. The online public memories competition will run until 19 April 2013.


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