Australian athletes honoured by Path of Champions

22 Oct 2014

Australian athletes honoured by Path of Champions

Some of the nation’s finest athletes have been honoured at a ceremony at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre as they are inducted into the Path of Champions.

The Path of Champions recognises outstanding Australian athletes in swimming and athletics, with inductees honoured with plaques at the entrance to the Aquatic and Athletic Centres.

Minister for Sport and Recreation Stuart Ayres said it is a fitting tribute.

“Induction into the Path of Champions is a great honour, as this year’s inductees names are added alongside the illustrious athletes that have preceded them,” Mr Ayres said.

“Our finest athletes deserve to be recognised for their achievements and where better than in the venues that have seen so many world records and Olympic gold medals won, in front of their peers.”

Amongst the numerous athletes inducted were swimming’s James Magnussen, Alicia Coutts, Matthew Cowdrey and Jessicah Schipper, water polo’s Chris Wybrow, open water swimmer Melissa Gorman and athletics’ Dani Samuels, Louise Sauvage and Kurt Fearnley.

In total, 25 Australian champions have been inducted.

The Path of Champions is spread across two venues at Sydney Olympic Park, with the Aquatic Centre Path of Champions recognising Australian athletes who attain the status of Olympic Champion, World Champion or World Record Holder in the FINA events of Swimming, Diving, Water Polo and Synchronised Swimming.

The Athletic Centre Path of Champions honours Australian track and field athletes who have won gold medals at Olympic Games and the IAAF World Championships or who have broken records at these events.

To coincide with the 20th Anniversary of both the Athletic and Aquatic Centres, Paralympic swimmers and athletes are being added to the Path of Champions. To be considered, the athlete must have won a gold medal at a Paralympic games from 2000 onwards and be nominated by the Australian Paralympic Committee.

“I am honoured to to welcome these outstanding Australians into the Path of Champions, where they will join a pantheon of our nation’s greatest athletes,” Mr Ayres said.

“The induction of our nation’s finest Paralympic athletes in particular is welcome and I will be looking forward to seeing their names added to the Path of Champions.”

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