Award Winning TAFE SWSi Student helps to Design your Future

03 Nov 2014

Award Winning TAFE SWSi Student helps to Design your Future

LESS is more “resonates” with Sandra Elliott.

And it’s proved an award-winning philosophy for the design student who will feature in Designing your Future, the annual TAFE NSW, South Western Sydney’s (SWSi’s) Lidcombe College design exhibition which opens to the public on Saturday, 6 December 2014.

The exhibition will cap off a fabulous year for Sandra whose “U1” coffee table design was a finalist and awarded a “highly recommended” at The Edge – a prestigious design competition held in Sydney in February.

The judges said Sandra’s design was a “mature, minimal organic work.” Inspired by her love of calligraphy and the letter “U”, the table can also be turned upside down and fitted with a glass top.

Sandra said she often “saw furniture in lettering or calligraphy” and her coffee table design reflected that.

“Simplicity is what drives me,” she said. “Less is more resonates in my head.”

And that simplicity came to the fore again later in the year when Sandra’s minimalist “Horizon” bathroom furniture concept, comprising vanity and matching cabinet units, was a finalist in the Reece Bathroom Innovation Award in August. Although she didn’t win, the judges said her design “addresses the demand from modern consumers for bathroom furniture that is both useful and multifunctional”.

Sandra praised her TAFE SWSi teachers who had been “very supportive” of her work.

“They’ve allowed me to push the envelope and produce designs that are different and not in the realm of normality,” she said.

As for her own future, Sandra said she would like to work overseas if the opportunity arose.

“I can see myself designing bike frames, lifestyle products or even cars,” she said. “I’m not excited by kitchenware.”
For the Designing your Future exhibition, Sandra is making a “circular flow” pendant light which again, she says, is “simplistic looking” but the “processes involved in making it are complicated”. “I wanted a form that didn’t need to be fixed to itself,” she said.

The design will be very much in tune with this year’s Designing your Future theme of “Future Form”.

Now in its fourth year, the exhibition will feature a plethora of design solutions for interior and industrial design applications created by TAFE SWSi Lidcombe design students.

Event organiser and TAFE SWSi Senior Head Teacher in Design, Kathy Marshall, said this year’s exhibition would be a wonderful source of inspiration to anybody looking at a career in design as well as those who were interested in sourcing a new designer for their own projects”

TAFE SWSi Director Peter Roberts is urging local lovers of design to support the exhibition and see for themselves the outstanding array of design talent on display.

“Visitors to the exhibition this year are sure to be blown-away to discover just how much design talent we have at here,” Mr Roberts said

“TAFE SWSi’s Lidcombe College is renowned for its training in design, producing award winning graduates every year.

“The College offers local young designers with one of the best opportunities to gain the job-ready skills the industry demands.” 

“Designing Your Future” will be open to the public on weekends at the Armory Gallery, Sydney Olympic Park, from Saturday, 6 December 2014 until Sunday, 1 February 2015, between 10am-4pm each day.

Note to editor: Student details available upon request.
Media Contact:  Pascal Adolphe, Public Relations & Media
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