Kids in the Park school holiday program turns 10

23 Sep 2014

Kids in the Park school holiday program turns 10

Minister for Sport and Recreation Stuart Ayres has launched the 10th anniversary of Sydney Olympic Park’s acclaimed Kids in the Park school holiday activity program.

Originally designed to provide families with school holiday activities using the Park’s world-class sporting facilities, Kids in the Park has grown to encompass the entire Park’s venues, from Bicentennial Park and the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre to the heritage-listed Newington Armory and ANZ Stadium.

The Kids in the Park activities program covers a vast array of activities, over 60 these school holidays, including archery and BMX and bird watching to writing workshops, urban jungle adventures and walking safaris and everything in between.

A key part of the program’s success is the large numbers of activities that are either free or good value (under $25 for an activity).

In an age where tickets for a family of four to see a movie can cost $70 before food, drink and parking, Kids in the Park continues to offer parents outstanding value for money- activities that are fun, interesting and safe.

“Over the last decade the Kids in the Park program’s grown in leaps and bounds, today offering over 60 activities for kids of all ages,” Mr Ayes said.

“More than 35,000 kids take part in the program annually, getting out and about and exercising their minds and bodies, something that’s more important than ever as more children show signs of childhood obesity.

“Families looking for things to keep the kids entertained at school holidays are the biggest fans of the Kids in the Park program.

“The Kids in the Park program has been delivering high quality, interesting, economical and safe activities for a decade, making school holidays something that parents as well as kids can look forward to,” Mr Ayres added.


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