NSW Increasing Sporting Opportunities for People with Disability

09 Oct 2014

NSW Increasing Sporting Opportunities for People with Disability
Minister for Sport and Recreation Stuart Ayres has officially launched the 2014 Return2Sport Expo at Sydney Olympic Park.

“I’d like to congratulate Royal Rehab on its Return2Sport concept, now in its fourth year, connecting people with a disability with organised sporting and recreation organisations in their communities,” Mr Ayres said.

“Sport is part of our culture and plays a vital role in enhancing the lives of all Australians.

“The Expo focuses on ‘ABILITY’ and providing an opportunity to ‘have a go’ with the view to re-engage with sport and physical activity.

“Today provides a perfect opportunity to try something new and explore the many different sport and recreation activities on offer for people with disability.

“Sport is a powerful and effective tool in recovery and a powerful way to reconnect with the community, providing opportunities to develop and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

“People are encouraged to become involved as a participant and/or a volunteer - at a competitive, social or recreational level.

“Increasing opportunities for people with disability to become more engaged in their communities is a strategic goal for the NSW Government. Partnerships like today that bring sport and the local community together are extremely important in achieving all our goals,” Mr Ayres added.

The Return2Sport Expo is an annual, free community event initiated by the Royal Rehab Foundation (formerly known as the Royal Rehabilitation Centre Sydney) to promote the various opportunities available to people with an acquired disability through trauma to return to active competitive sport or to pursue a recreational or leisure activity that will challenge and motivate them to engage in a healthy lifestyle.

NSW Sport and Recreation provided a $10,000 grant to support the 2014 Return2Sport Expo and the Sydney Olympic Park Authority has provided the use of the Sports Centre free of charge.

MEDIA: John Redman – 0400 298 929

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