Sydney sees clash of Netball Titans

10 Oct 2014

Sydney sees clash of Netball Titans
Sydney will play host to the world’s top two netball teams when Australia and New Zealand meet at Allphones Arena as part of the four-test Constellation Cup, providing a glimpse into the action fans will see at next year’s Netball World Cup.

The Diamonds have gone two up over the Silver Ferns after games in Invercargill and Melbourne and hope to cement their grasp on the Cup with a victory on home turf on Saturday evening.

Minister for Sport and Recreation Stuart Ayres said Australia and New Zealand share one of the great sporting rivalries across every facet of sport.

“Few are as keenly contested as netball, with both countries at the top of the world rankings,” Mr Ayres said.

“With Sydney hosting the Netball World Cup in August 2015, Saturday night’s game provides the chance to see the very best of world class netball.”

The Constellation Cup takes place annually between Australia and New Zealand and is considered the netball equivalent of the Bledisloe Cup.

The Cup, which is named for the Southern Cross constellation which appears on both nations’ flags, consists of a sterling silver cup encrusted with 101 diamonds, with a display case crafted from black maire, a wood species native to New Zealand.

In the four years the Cup has been contested since 2010, the Diamonds have won three times and the Silver Ferns once, with the Australian team hoping to seal their dominance with a win in front of a passionate home crowd.

“The Diamonds are quite justifiably ranked as the number one team in netball globally and fans will have the opportunity to see the world’s best players go head to head,” Mr Ayres said.

“New Zealand has never taken a backwards step to Australia on the sporting field, no matter the contest and you can be sure the Silver Ferns will fight doggedly every step of the way to prevent Australia from capturing the Cup, so spectators will see the world’s best netballers fighting it out for personal and national pride.”

The Netball World Cup will be held at Sydney Olympic Park from 7-16 August 2015.

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