TAFE SWSi design graduates to showcase their work

17 Nov 2015

TAFE SWSi design graduates to showcase their work

Design graduates from TAFE NSW South Western Sydney Institute (TAFE SWSi), Lidcombe College, are putting final touches to their work which will be showcased at the annual Designing Your Future exhibition.

Now in its fifth year, the exhibition will feature a plethora of design solutions for interior and industrial design applications created by TAFE SWSi design students.

Hanna Finlay and Narie Whitby will be among the graduating students featured at the exhibition. They are both completing an Advanced Diploma in Interior Design. And they both credit the “absolutely, fantastic, incredible” TAFE SWSi teachers for their success in the course.

“They’re more like your friends and always have your best interests at heart,” Hanna said. “They will get you to where you want to be.”

However, the pair’s respective pathway within the same design course reflects the diverse range of options available to design students

Terry Hills resident, Hanna, considers herself a “creative thinker” and wanted to do something in design that was “more practical”.

“That’s why I chose to come to TAFE rather than university,” she said.

But during the course she “fell in love with the computer side of design”.

“It’s not just decorating,” Hanna said. “I’m more into the architectural side of design; the structural elements of buildings and designing that on computer.”

As a result, her ambition beyond graduation is to secure a career in “architectural CAD (Computer Aided Design)”.

Lidcombe resident Narie on the other hand would like to eventually start up her own business in interior or furniture design. At 35 years of age, she only now feels that she had the confidence needed to succeed in the design field.

“I was always interested in design and previously studied design fundamentals but it wasn’t the right time for me and I fell into hospitality,” Narie said.

But thanks to the “well structured” course and “accepting” environment of the TAFE SWSi Lidcombe College, she was able to “regain her confidence”.

“I am a designer now,” she proudly said.

Event organiser and TAFE SWSi Senior Head Teacher in Design, Kathy Marshall, said this year’s exhibition would be a wonderful source of inspiration to anybody looking at a career in design as well as those who were interested in sourcing a new designer for their own projects.

“You’ll be able to take a look at their innovative design solutions for real industry projects,” Ms Marshall said. “We will showcase interior design, interior decoration, industrial design, lighting design and design fundamentals.”

TAFE SWSi Director Peter Roberts is urging local lovers of design to support the exhibition and see for themselves the outstanding array of design talent on display.

“Visitors to the exhibition this year are sure to be blown-away to discover just how much design talent we have here,” Mr Roberts said

“TAFE SWSi’s Lidcombe College is renowned for its training in design, producing award winning graduates every year.

“The College offers local young designers with one of the best opportunities to gain the job-ready skills the industry demands.”

“Designing Your Future” will be open to the public on weekends at the Armory Gallery, Sydney Olympic Park, from Saturday, 5 December 2015 until Sunday, 31 January 2016, between 10am-4pm each day.

Note to editor: Student details available upon request.
Media Contact: Rebecca Flood, Public Relations & Media
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