Free BirdLife Australia walks at Sydney Olympic Park

18 Jan 2016

Free BirdLife Australia walks at Sydney Olympic Park

In celebration of World Wetlands Day, Sydney Olympic Park will host two FREE guided walks for families on Sunday 7 February.

Sydney Olympic Park isn’t shy of birds with more than a quarter of Australia’s bird species spotted at the Park, meaning families will surely catch a glimpse of some feathered-friends.

The first free guided walk of the day will commence at 9am at the Waterbird Refuge, Bicentennial Park, where bird lovers can watch the native waterbirds in their natural environment.

The afternoon walk will start at 1pm at Lake Belvedere within Bicentennial Park, where birds nesting on the island can be viewed and flora and fauna around the lake can be discovered. The day will be educational for adults and fun-filled for kids with children’s activities to be played on both walks. Bookings aren’t required so turn up and enjoy the local birds within the picturesque setting of Bicentennial Park.

Sydney Olympic Park’s Spring Bird Census 2015 findings indicated there were 20,254 birds of 103 species at the Park, and 42 species that exhibited on-site breeding activity.

The Park is also home to seven species of frog, 10 species of bats, 16 species of reptile, numerous native fish species, many thousands of invertebrate species and more than 200 native vertebrate animal species. Furthermore, more than 400 native plant species including three threatened species of plant, as well as three endangered ecological communities and protected marine vegetation also thrive at the Park.


FREE BirdLife Australia Walks at Sydney Olympic Park

WHEN: Sunday 7 February

9am: Meet at the bird hide in the Waterbird Refuge, Bicentennial Park (15mins walk from the car park, follow   the parklands walking/cycling circuit)

1pm: Meet at the jetty entrance at Lake Belvedere, Bicentennial Park (1-2mins walk from the car park)

INFO: bookings required.

Kate McPherson or Susan Darwiche 

T: 0405-808-796 (Kate) or 0414 706 704 (Susan) E: 02 8004-2642 M:

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