Self-guided Activities

Kids-playing-Sydney-Olympic-Park Photo: Paul K Robbins

Looking for a great family day out at the Park, try our free self-guided activities.

Clue Trails

Ready for an adventure? Select one of our Clue Trails.

Commemorate 16 Years since the Sydney 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Games on the 'Best Games Ever' trail.

Whether you want to 'Fly High' or follow the 'Path of Champions', unravelling the clues will help you to discover more about Sydney Olympic Park.

Download your chosen Clue Trail, grab a pencil and get going. Can you unscramble the message at the end of the trail? Pictorial version available for early readers.

Sydney 2000 Games 

Adobe PDF Best Games Ever Clue Trail (PDF 3MB)Adobe PDF Best Games Ever Junior Clue Trail (PDF 3.3MB)

 Adobe PDF Path of Champions Clue Trail  (PDF 2.5MB)Adobe PDF Path of Champions Junior Clue Trail (PDF 4.2MB)

 Adobe PDF Pole to Pole Clue Trail  (PDF 2.5MB)Adobe PDF Pole to Pole Junior Clue Trail (PDF 4.2MB)   

Town Centre

Adobe PDF Flying High Clue Trail (PDF 2.2MB)Adobe PDF Flying High Junior Clue Trail (PDF 3.4MB) 

Adobe PDF Heritage Garden Clue Trail (PDF 2.8MB)Adobe PDF Heritage Garden Junior Clue Trail (PDF 3.6MB)

Newington Armory

Adobe PDF Newington Armory Clue Trail (PDF 2.6MB)*

Adobe PDF Newington Armory Junior Clue Trail *

Adobe PDF Riverside Clue Trail *

Explorers, remember to wear a hat, walking shoes and bring a drink.

* Note Newington Armory only open weekends, school holidays and public holidays.

Discovery Trails

Discover many of the amazing facts behind Sydney Olympic Park's cultural, entertainment, and sporting attractions. 
The Icons Walk features memories from the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. 

Adobe PDF Discovery Icons Walk (PDF 602 KB)

Crack the Code

Looking for an activity that is a little bit out of the ordinary? Select from 2 Crack the Code activities.

You can explore Newington Armory or the Abattoir Heritage Precinct as you use your compass to navigate yourself around the area. When you reach the end, it’s time to crack the secret code.

So grab a compass (or use your phone), a pencil, download your chosen Crack the Code and set off on your way.

Adobe PDF Newington Armory Crack the Code (PDF 2.2MB) *

Adobe PDF Heritage Garden Crack the Code (PDF 1.1MB)

*Note Newington Armory is only open on weekends, school holidays and public holidays.

Amazing Chase

Get on your bike and challenge your friends to an Amazing Chase around the Park.

Use a map to locate checkpoints, then answer the questions or solve the puzzles set for you at each one.

You can choose from two routes, Bicentennial Park or Newington Armory and surrounds.

Download your choice of Amazing Chase, grab a water bottle, pencil and enjoy your parklands Amazing Chase.

Adobe PDF Bicentennial Park Amazing Chase (PDF 3.8MB)

Adobe PDF Newington Armory Amazing Chase * (PDF 1.7MB)