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Skater on board at Monster Photo: Paul K Robbins Every day 10am-10pm - Monster Skatepark
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Monster Skateparkis the only international standard indoor/outdoor ramp in Australia that includes anindoor street courseoutdoor vert and mini ramp plus a skate shop and entertainment lounge. Whether you’re a skateboader,BMXerinline skater or scooter rider, the electric atmosphere and cranking tunes at Monster will pump you and push your limits of ability and endurance!

Designed and built in consultation with top skaters and BMXers, Monster Skatepark caters for the needs of riders of all skill levels and riding tastes. It’s been given the massive thumbs up by Bucky Lasek and the Monster Pros: skateboarders Trevor Ward & Corbin Harris, BMXers Matt Fairburn & Mike Daly and inliners Cesar Mora & Toby Heslop.

Vert Ramp – 4.4m high and 20.7m wide, featuring an extension on one side and two monster roll-ins on the other, at 5.6m and 6.6m. This international competition-sized beast is the only vert ramp of this size in the country.

Spined-Mini Ramp - Two adjacent 1.8m mini ramps connected by a spine, a street spine and a roll through.

Indoor Street Course - Covering 1000 square metres, the street course has been designed for everyone, from beginners on ramps right through to experienced street riders.

Monster also has special earlier opening times for pre-booked clinics and school sessions. The Monster Academy offers development clinics, school PDHPE and school holiday programs and the Skatepark also hosts a range of regional, national and international action sports events.

Costs are as follows:

  • Park Entry  $15 - now includes Foam Pit use
  • All Day Pass $30 
  • Foam Pit  - included in price of entry 
  • Trampoline $5 
  • SuperTramp* - group bookings only 
  • Spectators FREE 
  • Helmet Hire** $6
  • Scooter Hire $10
  • Skateboard Hire $10 
  • BMX Bike $10 
  • Inline Skates $10 
  • Kee Pads $3 
  • Elbow Pads $3 
  • Knee/Elbow Combo$5 

* Monster has Australia's only SuperTramp - the size of three olympic trampolines it is designed for freestyle athletes to improve their aerial awareness and increase the progression of their tricks. The SuperTramp is available for group bookings that includes a freestyle coach.  

** All riders must use a helmet, if you don't bring one you can hire one for $5

All new users of the Foam Pit must do a Foam Pit Safety Clinic and sign a new waiver. Once this has been completed you can use the Foam Pit included in the price of entry to the skatepark  

Monster Skatepark can be found on our Park map.

Visit the Monster website, call 02 9763 7359 or email
6 years +
More info:
Visit the Monster website, call 02 9763 7359 or email
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