Escape the Museum

Scouts Museum floor plan with magnifying glass Image: courtesy of the Scouts Museum Every Sunday, offered between 9.30am - 2pm (each session is 30 minutes) - Building 140, Newington Armory
Kid friendlyFamily fun

Calling all super sleuths! This is an exit or escape room activity program where a small group of people enter the scout museum, use clues in the museum to solve puzzles to ultimately succeed in achieving a collaborative goal such as find a key to open an “end-game” lock or to stop a count-down clock.

Suitable for both adults and children. Children 5+ years of age who must be accompanied by an adult.

Located at the Scouts Museum, Building 140, Newington Armory.

$10 per person
Call 0408166548 or email
5+ (children must be accompanied by an adult)
More info:
Call 0408166548 or email
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