Flying Trapeze

Swinging on Flying Trapeze Photo: P K Robbins Every Sat & Sun (11am, 1pm, 3pm & 4.30pm, Sundays 9.30am) - Aquatic Centre
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Swing through the air with the greatest of ease – under the watchful eye of the professionals from Circus Arts. This adrenaline-pumping workshop is held on the outdoor flying trapeze rig at the world-class Aquatic Centre and, yes, a safety net is included!

Improve your fitness, coordination, strength and flexibility as you master the swing, flip and catch. Learn how to perform impressive tricks, from the beginner’s knee hang to gravity-defying triple somersaults.

This unforgettable 90 minute workshop is fully supervised by experienced instructors. Adults and kids alike will master new skills and challenges - watch your confidence soar.

The Aquatic Centre can be found on our Park map.

1 class: $60
5 classes: $195
10 classes: $360
15 Classes: $495
Visit the Circus Arts website or call 0412 402 742
5-15 years
More info:
Visit the Circus Arts website or call 0412 402 742
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