Treillage Viewing Platform

Treillage Tower Photo: Fiora Sacco Every day - Bicentennial Park
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Bicentennial Park was designed in the great historical landscape tradition based on classical design principles of order, geometry, focal points and axes. The east-west axis is an avenue of plane trees and Manchurian pears reinforcing the strong linear quality of a raised plateau of gardens bisected by a north-south vista of mangroves. At the intersection of these axes, at the highest point in the park, is the Treillage Tower.

Treillage is a French word for lattice that was commonly used in gardens in the 16th century, and the Treillage Tower is the centrepiece of Bicentennial Park. Climb the staircase up 3 storeys to the 17m high viewing platform for soothing views over the green expanses of Bicentennial Park, the Parramatta River and city skyline.

Bicentennial Park can be found on our Park map.

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