The Attractor - Public Art

Couple walking Photo: PK Robbins Every day - Cathy Freeman Park
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This 25 metre tall sculpture symbolises not only the fundamental principles of Olympism, but also the noblest of human endeavours.

According to the artist, the giant ladder as a symbol of ascension has an obvious meaning in the context of sport and the Olympics – it suggests the desire to ascend, to scale heights, to climb up, to improve, to achieve and transcend one’s limitations.

Each of the six rungs of The Attractor bears a word, from the lowest rung upwards: sensus, imaginatio, ratio, intellectus, intelligentia, verbum.

Sensus - perceive, feeling
Imaginatio - imagination
Ratio - account, reckoning, reason
Intellectus - understand, realise, meaning
Intelligentia - intelligence
Verbum - word, proverb

The Attractor was inspired by an illustration from a book by 17th century metaphysician, Robert Fludd.

Location: Southern end of Cathy Freeman Park
Artist: Imants Tillers

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