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Youth Eco Summit (YES) Primary LIVE 2021

Tuesday 9 November 2021

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Bacar Restaurant

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YES Live 2021 Workshops

Wetlands Web Spider

A Wetland Wonderland Web

Monday 1 November

This virtual workshop will be held under the dense canopy of the gnarly mangrove trees at Sydney Olympic Park. Your students will be immersed in this unique wetland environment and discover the animals and plants that form its extensive food web. Students will also learn about the life cycle of the eel, its amazing journey, and see the traditional Wangal method for catching the eels in the wetland.

cartoon workshop girl arms in the air cartoon characters with pencils

Cartooning Online – with Eco-Warrior Daisy The Fish

Monday 1 November

Our cartooning journey will be filled with drawing challenges where you will meet fun characters like our Eco-Warrior "Daisy the Fish" who is on a mission to clean up our rivers and oceans while helping her alphabet friends defend the lands against the evil Rubbix and his rampaging stickmen army! 
Students discover their own confidence and belief in themselves encouraging them to think “Outside the Box”  As a result of this, children expand their imagination into a world of possibilities. We guide and teach them various drawing activities that enhance their hand-eye coordination, develop their motor skills and improve their communication in front of their peers giving them an opportunity to fully express themselves! 

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NRMA EV Fast Charging

NRMA The Future of Transport Workshop

Tuesday 2 November

Transport as we know it is changing. Please join us as we step into our ‘virtual time travel machine’ to explore the catalyst for similar transport disruptions over the years. First up we visit the past to look at how society transitioned from horse drawn carts to the combustion engine vehicle. Then we return to the present day whereby we are currently transitioning from fossil fuels to cleaner and more sustainable fuel solutions to power our mobility. Then we time travel into the future to explore emerging technologies that will ultimately impact the next generation of road users, your students.

As an added bonus the workshop will feature a look around an electric car to see how it differs from combustion engine vehicles.

This workshop is best suited to Stages 2 and 3, with opportunities for your class to interact with the content throughout.

Curriculum links

  • Stage 2: Material World - investigates the suitability of natural and processed materials for a range of purposes ST2-7MW-T
  • Stage 3. Strand: Material World - explains how the properties of materials determine their use for a range of purposes ST3-7MW-T

Recycled Art Workshop

Create Upcycled Artwork

Tuesday 2 November

Rubbish art?! No! Upcycled art! Sustainable art! Let’s get creative!

Sustainable artist and teacher Nichola Bryan makes whacky and surprising artworks using litter and all sorts of collected stuff. In this workshop, Nichola will guide students through her art making process from considering a clever concept, collecting, manipulating and arranging materials then finally photographing and sharing artworks with an audience. 

THEN, students will move to their own tables and begin to create upcycled artworks in small groups with Nichola watching on, providing feedback. 
Teachers will need to allow an hour of additional time in the hours or days after this workshop for students to finish their artworks. Additionally, a few planning hours should be spent with students several weeks before the workshop. Resources will be provided to teachers to assist with this. 

This workshop is best suited to Stages 2 and 3 students. Nichola Bryan's artworks can be viewed at

Weaving Workshop with Kim

Dreaming Stories and String Making with Aunty Kim

Wednesday 3 November

Aunty Kim, a proud Joondaburri woman, will give her Acknowledgment of country in the beautiful Badu wetlands at Sydney Olympic Park, and the students will learn how to give a traditional Wangal welcome. Students will have the opportunity to hear the Dreaming Story about how Garrigan got his blue tongue and scales. This Dreaming story will be linked to the students learning how to do traditional string making and make friendship bracelets.

Animal Adaptation Workshop

Amazing Animals Adaptations with Zoo Keeper Lauren

Thursday 4 November

Join us to meet some incredible native animals like the beautiful green tree frog, Petal our long neck turtle and Garrigan the blue tongue lizard! Discover some unique features and adaptations that help them all survive in their environment. Students will have the opportunity to interact by asking questions via the zoom chat. 

During the session, we will explore lifecycles, diets and amazing adaptations. What features help these animals move, keep warm, attack or protect, find and eat food and be surprised by totally amazing (and some disgusting) facts!

We will finish the session by investigating some challenges that face our native animals and simple steps we can take to protect them and their environment.

Ranger Workshop

Put On Your Discovery Ranger Hat and Lets Get Discovering

Friday 5 November

Put your virtual Ranger hat on and discover how the Park Rangers at Sydney Olympic Park look after our amazing and protected wildlife! Come along on a nature walk and help the Rangers undertake an important bird survey in our threatened wetlands by tallying the birds they identify and count. Find out how counting birds helps us understand the health of our wetland environments and how we can look after them. Students will also learn how they can take part in their own backyard or school bird survey or bird surveys and what they can to make sure our local native birds have a great life!