YES LIVE Primary 2020 (Youth Eco Summit for Primary Schools)

18 November 2020
LIVE online!

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YES Live 2020 Workshops

Wongle Waste and Worms

Brewongle Environmental Education Centre – Wongle Waste and Worms

This workshop will showcase our amazing kitchen garden, permaculture food forest and waste management systems. Students will discover innovative ideas for growing food and dealing with waste through a virtual tour and supporting activities to complete at school.

Designing a sustainable School

Observatory Hill Environmental Education Centre – Designing a Sustainable School

This workshop introduces students to the concept of a sustainable school and what it looks like in practice. Students will learn about the different features of a sustainable school and why it is important to manage our school, communities and world sustainably. Students will follow up the workshop by designing a plan for their school that will help to make it a more sustainable place.

Digital Animal Workshop

Taronga Zoo – Digital Animal Workshop

From the one-of-a-kind immersive Habitat Classrooms within the Taronga Institute of Science & Learning, your students will engage in a digital animal workshop meeting fascinating animals via video link. Learn about roles of wildlife in the environment and their unique features that help them survive.

kNOw Waste Program

Cleanaway - kNOw Waste Program

The kNOw Waste Warriors is a fun, educational, and engaging online workshop that teaches students about waste, recycling, and sustainable ways of living. These live workshops include interactive activities, quizzes, polls, and Q&A's. Students will learn about waste and recycling, how they can contribute to a Circular Economy, and ways to make their homes and schools more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Birdlife Australia

Birdlife Australia – Meet our Feathered Friends

The Murama Healing Space at Sydney Olympic Park is a place to share and celebrate Aboriginal understandings of the area. The BirdLife Discovery Centre and Murama are neighbours - we are going to introduce you to the waterbirds on the mural outside the Murama Centre. How are they adapted for their lives around the Parramatta River and the Sydney Olympic Park wetlands? How can we help protect them? We shall look at beaks and feet, their wings and flight, what they eat, their nests and young. We shall look at our local White-bellied Sea-Eagles on their nest hidden nearby, with our live EagleCAM. We shall encourage the children to record what they see and discover when they visit the Parklands or in their local area.

Natures Pollinators Bees

DPIE (Department of Planning, Industry and Environment) Environment, Energy and Science Group – Natures Pollinators, Everyday Heroes

This workshop will empower students to learn about the importance of nature’s pollinators, who studies these important beasties and learn how they can encourage them in their neighbourhood.

  • Help us count pollinators out in the garden .
  • Join us for a close up of what pollinators look like under the microscope. 
  • Learn about actions you can take to help these everyday heroes.

NRMA EV Fast Charging

NRMA – The future is electric

This workshop will look at how transport is changing from combustion engines running on fossil fuels (petrol, diesel, etc) to electric vehicles that produce no polluting emissions or green house gases. The workshop will feature a look around an electric car to see how it differs from petrol engines and also a demonstration of how to charge an electric car using a fast charger.

Students will be able to ask questions during the session. Following the session, students will be provided with links to additional resources to enable them to create and share a poster across their school community that communicates the value and importance of adopting this new clean transport technology.


OzHarvest – FEAST

At OzHarvest, Australia’s leading food rescue organisation, we believe
education is important to empower students to be change makers in their communities. OzHarvest FEAST stands for Food Education and Sustainability Training. This workshop will cover:

  • The problem of food waste and food insecurity – globally and in Australia
  • The environmental consequences of food waste
  • The impact of food insecurity on people
  • The OzHarvest Story
  • Our tips to fight food waste at home and school (plus some fight food waste trivia!)

Rookwood Cemetary

Rookwood Cemetery – A conversation about conservation

Go behind the scenes to see what it’s like to be caretakers on a site with over 150 years of history. We’ll talk to you about the link between sustainability and heritage and take you through some of our recent projects, with demonstrations of how we take care of some of our most precious assets.

This workshop will cover:

  • Understanding the concept of embodied energy and how it is applied
  • Discussion of community values and how we can start conversations to achieve sustainability
  • An appreciation for heritage sites – developing a respect and sense of responsibility as future caretakers
  • Understanding how action for heritage conservation can be developed

Sydney Water

Sydney Water – Have you ever wondered about water?

Water is strange and amazing. Yet, we hardly think about it. Come explore with Sydney Water. Let's stop, think and wonder about what water does, how we use it and why it's so valuable to us every day. We'll explore the features of water with experiments and discover how you have the power to manage our water for the future! 'There's lots to learn about water.'

The Bowerbid Green and Golden Bell Frog

The Bowerbird Herd – Sustainable Assemblage Art

Art can be made sustainably and it can share strong environmental messages to audiences! Reuse and repurpose the many materials around you to make artworks and at the same time educate or entertain your audience through your art. Students will be introduced to the sustainable art making practices of 'The Bowerbird Herd' - a local artist and high school Visual Arts teacher Nichola Bryan. 

Questions will be addressed - What is sustainable art? How can we make art from existing materials without buying more new 'stuff' that will eventually end up in landfill? And finally, how can the subject matter and the materials we use in our art making also help to convey an environmental message to our audience?