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Useful Apps

There are plenty of Apps to help you when you are out monitoring wetlands that you can get straight on your phone or other mobile device. Or you can design your own bespoke App using the ODK (Open Data Kit) system that we have used for collecting environmental data. I have found it especially useful for citizen science programs as you can make them easy to use, and can be setup on any Android device.

Here are a few examples of Apps that you can download from your Apple store or Google Play store when you are out and about in the wetlands:

 Other useful apps

  • A weather app
  • A compass app
  • A random number app
  • A tide app
  • Google MyMaps – with my sites and locations saved as a .eml file from ARCGIS
  • - WaterLive is a mobile phone application for accessing near real-time water data. The application allows water users to access information from handheld devices for surface water, including major rivers, major dam levels, dam inflows and groundwater data.
  • EmergencyPlus app – great for getting GPS coordinates even when you have no signal

More Wetland Literature

The below list of literature may be of interest to you – whether as a wetland practitioner or as a researcher.


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Journal articles

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Reference List: Issue 4

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