Sydney Olympic Park  - Geography secondary school excursion program - Photo by James Horan

Virtual Education Packages

Schools can now attend our full suite of school programs virtually. Choose from either our bronze, silver or gold Sydney Olympic Park Education packages to access resources best suited to each class or year’s needs.
From free resources packaged up for your teaching convenience, to a virtual experience bringing our Educators and environment straight to your class, select from our Bronze, Silver and Gold options below.


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We are always open to being flexible with our offering and can customise a package or experience to suit your teaching requirements. 

Donate a Virtual Excursion
Give back to your local community by donating a Virtual Excursion to one of your local schools.  
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GOLD - $190 per class of 30. Multiple classes from a year can participate at one time, or we can hold separate virtual sessions across multiple days for each class.

LIVE Virtual Excursion Experience with Premium Teacher Resource Kit.

As part of Sydney Olympic Park LIVE, our Education team now deliver our excursion programs as Virtual Excursions using Zoom (or another platform that teachers can invite us into).  These unique Virtual Excursion experiences are hosted on site at our inter-tidal wetlands at the Park in Term 2.
Duration: 90 minutes for Stage 4 to Stage 6 students. 60 minutes for Stage 1 to Stage 3 students.  Timeframes are flexible to suit your school’s timetable.

Gold access includes the Premium Teacher Resource Kit provided in the Silver package, including access to our GIS Program.  

You’ll also benefit from personalised one on one service and guidance from our Education Team who assist teachers and students with questions. 

SILVER - $90 per class of 30, or $395 for full grade access i.e. all classes in that year.

Premium Teacher Resource Kit (no accompanying LIVE Virtual Excursion).

This includes the latest videos of fieldwork techniques and data gathering results in the Badu Mangrove Wetlands plus exclusive access to the Sydney Olympic Park Education Geographic Information System (GIS) Program. Students gain hands-on experience using ICT in Geography to gather data, plus interpret aerial photographs and satellite images to determine spatial changes to landscapes and land-use over time. You will be provided with fieldwork booklets for your students to use, with answer sheets to assist with assessments.

You’ll have access to personalised one on one service and guidance from our Education Team to assist teachers and students with questions.


Standard Teacher Resource Kit

We’ve packaged up a large range of our teacher resources including resource sheets and videos to make it as easy as possible for you to take classes through the foundations of learning across diverse and unique environments here at Sydney Olympic Park. 

Subject matter covered includes material about our incredible Sydney Olympic Park Badu Mangroves, as well as examining the Built Environments of Sydney Olympic Park including Place and Liveability, Changing Places and Water in the World, amongst other areas.

Download your Standard Teacher Resource Kit here
Download your Public Art Education Resource here