green bell frog of sydney oylmpic park on tree

Biodiversity Month

Throughout September, Sydney Olympic Park is celebrating National Biodiversity Month with a program of tours and activities that celebrate and explore the Park’s rich natural environment and provide insights into how it is being protected and conserved. Biodiversity Month is a time to stop and appreciate the web of life that surrounds and sustains us, and to think about what we can do to reduce our environmental impact.

Threatened Species Day on 7 September marks the anniversary of the death of the last Tasmanian Tiger on 7 September 1936 and this day turns the spotlight on native plants, animals and ecosystems that are under threat of extinction and how a similar fate could await other species unless appropriate action is taken. In New South Wales alone there are close to 1000 animal and plant species at risk of extinction – if these become extinct, they are gone forever.  

Sydney Olympic Park is home to three endangered ecological communities and to threatened plants and animals including the endangered Green and Golden Bell Frog, and is actively working to safeguard their future.

Take action and learn more about the amazing biodiversity of Sydney Olympic Park during National Biodiversity Month.

Behind the Scenes Tour - The Brickpit & Bell Frogs

Join a behind the scenes tour to the floor of the Brickpit to learn about the iconic Green and Golden Bell frog and how it is being protected and conserved

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Mini Park Rangers

Bring the kids to a Mini Park Rangers program for threatened-species-themed stories, song, games and exploration

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Know your birds! Let's go Birding!

Learn how to bird watch and contribute your data to help national bird conservation programs

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Green and Golden Bell Frog Webinar

Join a webinar to learn about Green and Golden Bell Frog conservation across New South Wales

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Meet the Neighbours - Microbats Explained!

Head off on a guided tour that explores the nocturnal world of amazing insectivorous microbats

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Newington Nature Reserve Walk

Download a map and take a self-guided tour that explores the protected habitats of Newington Nature Reserve

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Clean Up Haslams Creek Flats

Join a Park Care team and help clean up our waterways

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E-book: 20 Years of Healing

Download the new e-book 20 years of Healing: delivering the legacy of the Green Games for in-depth information about Sydney Olympic Park’s conservation work

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Take a Walk in the Park

Take a walk in the Park, and look, listen, smell and feel the natural world around you.