Parking in P1, P3 & P4 Car Parks will be free for those attending the Sydney Olympic Park Vaccination Centre's to receive a COVID-19 vaccination, until otherwise advised.
COVID UPDATE Wednesday 14 July 21: A number of changes have been made in Sydney Olympic Park following the NSW Government stay-at-home orders. Please review our COVID-19 page for regular updates on your area of interest and help us stop the spread.
waste and rubbish

Say no to single-use plastic

What can you do in the Park?

  • Bring your own reusable bag, cup, container and cutlery for your lunch/picnic.
  • Bring your own water bottle and take advantage of our water refill stations.

How can you do it at home?

  • Use single-use plastic alternatives you already own. For example, say no to plastic cutlery at home or work by using your own.
  • Use reusable containers for storage instead of plastic zip lock bags. 
  • Consider simple swaps such as a bamboo toothbrush, shampoo or soap bar.
  • Cut down on bin liners by using a compostable bag for the largest bin; line the smaller bins with newspaper (or go liner-free!) and consolidate all waste into large bag on bin night.

Taking the next steps