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Eyes on Nature

Live a Little Wild this September

29 Aug 2021

Looking for some nature fun this September? Sydney Olympic Park is challenging everyone to Live a Little Wild and explore the natural world on your doorstep for National Biodiversity Month.

What is biodiversity? Biodiversity is a shortening of the term biological diversity and refers to the amazing variety of living things and how they interact. At Sydney Olympic Park, biodiversity is all around us from our balconies to the mangroves. This natural wealth can be seen in the number of birds, frogs, reptiles, invertebrates and plants across the Parklands.

To celebrate the incredible living diversity of Australia, September has been nominated Biodiversity Month, 30 days to promote the importance of protecting, conserving and improving biodiversity both within Australia and across the world. This is an opportunity to stop and appreciate the natural world that surrounds and sustains us.

For inspiration, Sydney Olympic Park is offering a range of activities designed to bring us closer to nature.  To Live a Little Wild this September, head to the Sydney Olympic Park Biodiversity Month webpage for more activities to suit all ages and experience. Find your own wild side by:

  • Experiencing nature with your senses; taking small ‘random acts of wildness’ to connect with nature;
  • Learn how Sydney Olympic Park is giving nature the space and protection it needs;
  • Join in a range of school holiday activities with the Park Rangers;
  • Take the self-guided nature walk around Newington Nature Reserve to sneak a peek into three rare plant communities and learn about the animals that call them home;
  • Let others be inspired by your experiences: share your wild encounters by using the hashtag #WildSOP

From going barefoot in the grass to finding new places to explore, there are many ways to be outside and appreciate nature around you in your own backyard or local park. If you are lucky enough to live near Sydney Olympic Park, there are 435 hectares to explore, supporting a rich natural environment that includes over 250 native animal species, over 400 native plant species and three endangered ecological communities: enjoying a bit of nature every day can be easy.

Walking Path
Relaxing in Nature
Mini Park Rangers Exploring

Take a pathway you have not yet travelled. You never know where it may take you!

Find a green space you like and turn off all your devices and listen. Waiting patiently in one spot brings the wildlife to you.

Join the Mini Park Rangers and explore the wonders of the natural world.