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More than 400 Green & Golden Bell Frog Tadpoles take up residence at Sydney Olympic Park

20 Dec 2017

Sydney Olympic Park is in the middle of ‘frog season’ which stretches from September to March, each year. During this warm period, frogs are actively moving in search of food, good breeding habitat and a mate.

The Green and Golden Bell Frog is a species considered among the most special by Sydney Olympic Park Authority. An active management program to conserve the Green and Golden Bell Frog’s habitat has been in place at Sydney Olympic Park since 2000.

The ongoing program managed by the Authority’s Ecology team includes the provision of different habitats to cater to the requirements of the frog during different parts of its life cycle.

Earlier this year to enhance habitat for the Green and Golden Bell Frog at Olympic Park, the Ecology team erected netting over some ponds. This approach helps to prevent the predation of tadpoles and juvenile frogs by birdlife, encouraging a greater survival rate of the Green and Golden Bell Frog, a species listed as endangered in NSW.

Recently, monitoring has found that one of these netted ponds now houses more than 400 Green and Golden Bell Frog tadpoles– all very welcome new residents of Sydney Olympic Park.

For more information about the Green and Golden Bell Frog’s conservation at Sydney Olympic Park, view the Biodiversity pages of the Sydney Olympic Park website.