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Random Acts of Wildness

17 Dec 2020

These holidays, take some time to relax and unwind in nature. Sydney Olympic Park has a lot to offer, with over 430 hectares of wetlands, forests and grasslands to explore. Here are a few challenges for you over the holiday season:

  1. Take a pathway you have not yet travelled. You never know where it may take you!
  2. Take the self-guided nature walk around Newington Nature Reserve to sneak a peek into three rare plant communities and learn about the animals that call them home.
  3. Take a moment - lie down on the mown grass at Kronos Hill, shut your eyes– what do you hear and feel? Slowly you may begin to hear birds singing, feel the sun on your skin, hear the leaves gently rustling and feel the wind moving.
  4. Visit the Bird Hide at the Waterbird Refuge and find out what a Red-necked Avocet looks like! Spot all kinds of wetlands birds including ducks, swans and Black-winged Stilts. You may see a special migratory shorebird such as the Bar-tailed Godwit or Sharp-tailed Sandpipers feeding in the mudflats.
  5. Get to know the calls of local frogs by listening for them calling from the Brickpit Ring Walk or pathways of Narawang Wetland during their active season (spring/summer). Use the free FrogID app to identify what frog species are calling where!
  6. On your leisurely walks, spot botanical signs along pathways of Badu Mangroves and Narawang Wetland and learn about native plants. Around the Parklands there are plenty of information signs showing what animals depend on what habitat areas, and how Sydney Olympic Park Authority takes care of them.
  7. Stop to smell a flower or watch a bug go about their business. It does not matter what size you are – we are all important! Remember to leave the flowers for our native pollinators.
  8. Develop your photography skills from the tops of the markers, piers and grassy hills of the Parklands. Post your favourites to Instagram and remember to #mySOP.

Bring a little nature into your life over the next few weeks: a few seconds, a few minutes, or a few hours! Find the wild in the world around you.


The Birdhide

Identify waterbirds from the bird hide at the Waterbird Refuge

Stroll the boardwalk in Narawang Wetland

Spot the multitude of dragonflies and damselflies that live in Sydney Olympic Parks wetlands