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Shortlisted for prestigious prize!

27 Apr 2021

One of the residents of Sydney Olympic Park has been shortlisted along with 29 other amazing NSW animals and plants for the prestigious prize of being the most popular threatened species in the state!!

Being listed as a threatened species is not a good sign. We all know that a threatened species is one that is at risk of being lost forever in the near future. The NSW Government Saving Our Species program (SOS) was set up with the aim of maximising the number of threatened species that are secured in the wild for the next 100 years. In order to help the community become familiar with some of these threatened species, the SOS program is running a competition to find the most popular.

One of the more glamorous species and worthy of your voting attention is a Sydney Olympic Park resident; the endangered Green and Golden Bell Frog Litoria aurea. However, the 30 species shortlisted represent strong competition from bright and flashy species such as the Regent Honeyeater, cuties like the Squirrel Glider and the adorable Pygmy Possum. Incredible to think that each of these amazing and iconic animals are faced with the threat of extinction. And they are not alone. There are currently around 1000 animal and plant species at risk of extinction in NSW. It is vital that we learn more about them and play our part in ensuring their survival now, and for future generations. As you search through the list and learn more about them, you may have trouble deciding which species is the most deserving of attention, because they all need our help!

Our contender, the Green and Golden Bell Frog is a charismatic species that has come to symbolise the unique and complex character of Sydney Olympic Park and what can be achieved if we commit to protecting a species. By coming into prominence as a threatened species in the middle of the development for the Sydney 2000 Olympics, this species has inspired a long-term commitment to frog conservation and management at the Park. This commitment resulted in 20 years of conservation of the frog population and its habitats will continue to be actively conserved and enhanced into the future. The freshwater wetlands, grassland corridors and constructed ponds that constitute frog habitat are now woven into the Park’s landscape character.

The SOS competition is being run in two stages; the top 10 species will be announced on 10 May, followed by the winning species on World Environment Day on 5 June. The most popular species will be crowned the Saving Our Species Threatened Species of the Year.

Be a champion for threatened species and get behind this competition and learn more about these 30 unique and amazing threatened species, including our own Green and Golden Bell Frog, then cast your vote before 2 May.

The most amazing, beautiful and cannot-live-without Green and Golden Bell Frog. Eminently worth your vote! © Jen O’Meara

Sydney Olympic Park protects this population of bell frogs through a vegetation and pond management program, informed by a long-term monitoring program.

Help NSW threatened species, such as our mascot, hold on into the future. © Jen O’Meara