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WALKIES what you need to know to have a barking good time with us

21 May 2018

We love pooches great and small at Sydney Olympic Park.

Whether you want to bring your dog for a nice long walk, get them off the leash for a run around or be a part of the larger dog community and participate in Million Paws Walk, there is something for all dog lovers here.

We have some top tips to ensure you and your four-legged friend have a pawsome day out!

  1. Run free ONLY in our dog-off leash park
    If you want to give your dog a chance to stretch out their legs and socialise with other dogs – head over to our dog off-leash park, located behind P5 Car Park off Hill Road.

  2. Take the lead with a leash!
    Sydney Olympic Park is home to 250+ native animals and 400+ native plant species as well as thousands of visitors. To ensure the protection and enjoyment of everyone we need you to keep your pup on a leash at all times and keep to sealed pathways. 

  3. Taking care of “business” 
    No-one likes stepping in poo. Please bring some bags with you on your walk and dispose of your dog’s “business” appropriately.

  4. No-go zones 
    There are some areas of Sydney Olympic Park that we need to keep dogs out of as these areas are home to many threatened animals and plants. Specifically dogs cannot be taken into Newington Armory, Badu Mangroves in Bicentennial Park, Brickpit Ring Walk and unsealed paths in Narawang Wetlands.