Parking in P3 Car Park will be free for those attending the Sydney Olympic Park Vaccination Centre to receive a COVID-19 vaccination, from Wednesday, 14 July 2021 until otherwise advised.
COVID UPDATE Wednesday 14 July 21: A number of changes have been made in Sydney Olympic Park following the NSW Government stay-at-home orders. Please review our COVID-19 page for regular updates on your area of interest and help us stop the spread.

Application for Busking Permit

Sydney Olympic Park invites applications from performers and artists wishing to showcase their talents to our community of workers, residents and visitors. All acts must be safe and appropriate for presentation to a General Audience in the public domain.

Applicants must complete the online form below and submit a video link documenting their act to enable the Authority to assess the application. *Marked fields are mandatory.

Prior to submitting your application, please read full Sydney Olympic Park Busking Guidelines here.

Please provide photo ID for the collection of your Busking Permit Card.
If you are under 18, a Parent/Guardian is required to sign for the collection of your Busking Permit Card.
Group Acts
Note: this cannot be >5
(If you use dangerous materials or implements in your busking act, you will require a Special Busking PERMIT. You must attend a safety review where you will be required to demonstrate your competence in the use of such materials and implements, and your knowledge of and compliance with safety procedures contained in the Sydney Olympic Park Authority Busking Policy. Your act will be reviewed by a panel of two Authority staff and one busking peer. Contact Authority on 9714 7110 to book a safety review).
Any personal information that you voluntarily provide to the Sydney Olympic Park Authority (5 Olympic Boulevard, NSW 2127) will be held in a data base shared with the Office of Sport and Venues NSW. You have the right to access and correct the information. Please click on the link for full details of the Privacy Policy.

Busking Map