Outdoor Spaces for Hire

Frequently Asked Questions

Have bookings in the parklands changed due to Covid-19?
Yes. Please visit our Terms and Conditions for the most up to date information. Sites and permits have restricted capacities and all bookings must complete and return a Covid Safety Plan.

Is self-catering permitted at bookable sites?
Yes. You can book one of our pavilions for exclusive use and self-cater your event. If you wish to engage a supplier please see below. *Note self-catering/catering is currently not permitted for wedding bookings.

Can I organise an external supplier to provide catering?
Yes. Some locations allow for this, including the Education Centre Shade Sail, Banquet Tables, Twin Shade Sails and Hill Pavilion. All catering must be organised by you and an application process takes place to approve the catering services and vehicle access. The sale of food and beverages is not permitted.

Is there somewhere I can buy food?
Yes. There is a café at the Waterview Convention Centre, next to the Village Green Playground and close to Lake Belvedere.

Are there barbeques in the parklands? Do I need to book one?
Yes. There are many barbeques (electric and gas) which are FREE to use and not bookable, they are a shared facility. Use our interactive maps to check public barbeque locations If bringing a charcoal barbeque to the park, heat beads must be disposed of in the correctly marked bins. In the event of a total fire ban, only electric barbeques can be used.
You may bring your own BBQ to the park, but please follow these rules:

  • It must be placed in a clear area, away from fuel and never on tables or other infrastructure
  • No private BBQs can be used on Total Fire Ban days
  • No wood burning BBQs
  • Gas bottle must be within test dates
  • Charcoal can be used with personal BBQs and bins are provided onsite, located near the public BBQs

Where are the closest toilets?
Please use our interactive maps to check locations

Am I able to hire a jumping castle or similar amusement device as entertainment at my party?
Until further notice, all site hires are unable to add an inflatable amusement device (such as a jumping castle) to a booking.

Am I able to hire a petting zoo or organise pony rides as entertainment at my party?
No, petting zoos, pony rides and similar are not permitted.

Am I able to organise a walk-in entertainer such as a magician, fairy or face painter?
Yes, site hire spaces allow for this.  Any such entertainers must be organised by you and approved through our application process. They must be able to provide a copy of their current Public Liability Insurance. 

As they are walk-in entertainers they will not require Park Ranger assistance and must walk to your booked site. If they require any assistance or need to be escorted off road to the shelter, additional fees will apply and this must organised through the application process.

Why do amusements have to be approved?
All activities in the parklands are restricted by a Parklands Approval Permit. Any suppliers of amusement devices are checked to ensure they have $20 million Public Liability Insurance and comply with government legislation such as Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011 – Plant & Structures.

If I book a pavilion and make payment, does my amusement automatically get approved?
No. You must return your Amusement Device Application Form to sitehire@sopa.nsw.gov.au and await appropriate approval.

What does the Ranger Assistance fee cover?
The fee is to ensure all commercial suppliers are escorted safely through our parklands by a Park Ranger to and from your booked site. Rangers will liaise with your suppliers directly, to oversee the correct installation of any amusement devices, catering or marquees.

Can I bring a small pop-up shelter to use in the parklands?
Yes. A small pop-up shelter up to 3mx3m is permitted. It must be weighted using sandbags or similar, pegs are not permitted. There is no application process or fee for this. Marquees or shelters greater than 3m x 3m are not permitted. For more information contact sitehire@sopa.nsw.gov.au

Can I book an event at night in the parklands?
No, the parklands close at sunset daily. Bookings during non-daylight savings conclude by 4.30pm and during daylight savings by 7.30pm.

What do I do if the weather is not suitable for an outdoor picnic and I need to postpone my booking?
Let us know if you wish to postpone/move your booking and we can assist with re-booking an alternative date. Emails can be sent to: sitehire@sopa.nsw.gov.au. Please note all bookings are non-refundable.

For wedding ceremonies in the park, do I need to organise my own chairs, arbour, carpet and signing table?
Yes. Once you have booked either the Arc of Pines or the Treillage you can organise your own stylist or supplier to provide any of the above. However, there are restrictions in the parklands, be sure to check what is permitted before booking. Emails can be sent to: sitehire@sopa.nsw.gov.au. Note, The Jetty is bare site hire only.

How much is parking, and where is the closest parking station?
Bicentennial Park - parking is free on weekends. Weekday restrictions in different areas of the park include 2P and 4P parking.
Wentworth Common – parking is 4P 7am-7pm, and 1P all other times.
The closest parking station to Bicentennial Park is P4, and to Wentworth Common is P6. To pre-book parking please visit our parking page.

Do you have restrictions on the type and size of decorations/props used?

Yes. Any candles, fireworks (any form), sparklers, fires and bamboo torches are not permitted. Coloured powders/liquids and confetti are not permitted. Decorations cannot be attached to trees. This includes, but is no limited to, signs, streamers, balloons, sticky tape, rope or similar – they cannot be attached to trees, plants or frog fences. All decorations must be removed and disposed of prior to leaving your site.

Approval must be sought for any large backdrops, signs, arbours, lettering etc. Pegging or staking of these is NOT permitted in the Park. Weighting items may be considered as part of the approval process and can only occur as part of a paid site hire.  

Is the use of confetti, petals or rice permitted?

Unfortunately, no. Confetti, bio-confetti, rice, flower petals or similar are not permitted, as these often contaminate the natural environment and become a hazard to our wildlife.

I am having a gender reveal, can I release/burst balloons with coloured powder or something similar?
Unfortunately, no. We do not permit the use of coloured powder/liquid/gas in the Park. These may contaminate the natural environment and become a hazard to our wildlife. It is also very difficult to clean and remove all traces of these substances.

Can I drive closer to the area I have booked, so I can drop off my food and other equipment?
Unfortunately, no. You cannot drive off road without an approved Ranger escort. These must be booked in advance with Site Hire and fees apply.

Are you able to consume alcohol in the Park?
Yes. You are welcome to consume alcohol within Sydney Olympic Park, however, we ask that it be in moderation and not disrupting other park users. The sale of alcohol is not permitted.